I had just noticed this... (Ohh Kuuuumiiiiiiii...)


It’s the Super NES version, though.

Yeah, Andrex told me this morning.

Sadly though, I lack the funds for it at the moment. :frowning:

I’m more interested in Golden Axe myself.

Sega Arcade Classics is only 40 bucks.

I’m surprised we finally got two VC games in a single week.

Still patiently awaiting Yoshi’s Island and Smash Bros.

Actually, my waiting for YI is not patient. I need to play this game again. Don’t make me break the law, Nintendo! I want to give you my monies!

I own both on the original systems already.

I still have my copy on the Genesis, but my Genesis’ restart button is broken. So the console randomly resets itself.

You own a GA arcade cabinet?

(just asking because we do, it’s in my brother’s garage)

I’m still ticked at myself for buying the genesis version on VC, the XBL arcade rendition was so much better