I don't want motherfuckin' Zombies on my motherfuckin' lawn- Worth $10? Y/N?

Yeah… I really love this song…

Anyway, the game is out now and you can buy it for $20 or try it free at http://www.plantsvszombies.com/

I tried out the free trial and liked it. I found that Steam has it half the price (http://store.steampowered.com/app/3590/). So now I’m fighting myself whether I should buy for $10 or not.

It’s like this, it’s a very fun and insteresting game but I don’t think it’s worth buying because it plays like a flash game on newgrounds. The game itself is cool but it’s not “addictively” cool- it’s probably something I’m gonna start getting bored with in a few hours. I only had an hour with the free trial so I’m only going off from that…

So those who played/bought it yet: is it worth it? If you hadn’t played it yet, try it out. It’s real fun.



I love tower defense games, kinda reminds me of Pixeljunk’s Monsters in a way. So I might have to check this out.

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It’s much cuter and funnier when it’s in Japanese :lol

Yes they do, I was just fighting with it.

It’s pretty addicting.

It has a lot of upgrades as you play through the “story”, quite fun.

If I bought this:


for $8.99 (yes, someone traded it in at my store the other day and I freaked out)…Then surely that is worth $10.

[quote=“Kumiko”]If I bought this:


for $8.99 (yes, someone traded it in at my store the other day and I freaked out)…Then surely that is worth $10.[/quote]

Well, you got me curious, Gamespot gave it a 5.5…
almost everyone else gave it a 8 of 10
[align=center]Nintendo Life 04/10/09 8 out of 10 80.00%
NintendoWorldReport 01/27/09 7 out of 10 70.00%
My Gamer 01/03/09 6 out of 10 60.00%
Modojo 12/24/08 4 out of 5 80.00%
Worth Playing 12/03/08 8.1 out of 10 81.00%
GameSpot 12/01/08 5.5 out of 10 55.00%
GameZone 11/30/08 8.4 out of 10 84.00%
1UP 11/20/0 8 C- 60.00%
Gamervision 11/19/08 7 out of 10 70.00%
Gaming Nexus 11/18/08A 95.00%
Hooked Gamers 11/10/08 8 out of 10 80.00%
IGN 10/24/08 8.6 out of 10 86.00%
Nintendo Power 12/01/08 5 out of 10 50.00%[/align]

lol, Gamespot.

Kane and Lynch Scandal, anyone?

It’s nothing too special. A classic “point and shoot” game that is over the top. It’s fun and enjoyable, but nothing amazingly special.

It’s just a nice way for me to get my zombie fix on the go.

Ok so I lied…

I downloaded the demo from Steam and I can’t stand more than 20 minutes. It has a nice charm to it that quickly runs out due to how tedious it becomes. There’s wasted potential here…They could have had something like WarCraft with flowers and zombies; you know, where you could have needed “this flower” in order to be able to use “that flower” and maybe had the need to collect minerals (like soil or plant food or something) for an added challenge.

I mean it’s fun and all…But like you said, it’s not very addicting. I could see myself getting it if it ever falls on Valve’s 50% weekend or something but at $10…I’ll pass. My $8.99 Zombie BBQ was more entertaining.

I played the demo too. It is fun, but is pretty repetative, even as you start to unlock new plants. But what can I say, it’s a Popcap game, so you have to set your expectations accordingly.