I don't know what game could be worse


I never played this but this game sounds like the worst game ever. He said its like what a college student would make and from my experience they don’t make games nearly that bad.

I’m assuming that this is the first time you ever saw a AVGN video.

Gay Tony? Is that what you meant to post, because I can’t see it being all that bad…


That’s the advertisement, dude. Not the real video.

I have but I don’t see any of them that are worse than that.

I thought it was the new one but yeah That game is not even a game. It’s not even a movie. It’s nothing incarnit.

I love that video watched it at 7 in the morning with people on xbox live when we were tired as shit.

I think we sat around for like half an hour yelling, “Take your damn clothes off!” XD

That’s the advertisement, dude. Not the real video.[/quote]

Fuck you man, I was tired.

And, yet, I watched the whole thing.

The angry videogame nerd video is interesting and I also watched the whole thing I’m just. talking about the game plumbers don’t wear ties also its always interesting for me to see old games. The Crazy Castle video is hilarious not for the game but for the antics he does with bugs bunny.

Bible Games was funny as hell and shit, with throw up on top.