I could eat a pack of Ramen Noodles every day for 206+ years...

For the price it cost him to get this game.

And I’m talking about Maruchan brand ramen, too. :Q


Yep. This is truly the holy grail of collector items… but in reality, you could probably make an EXACT copy, mold an NES game, scan the picture, make it into a sticker, get the program used to make NES games, higher a programmer to program the game into the cart, use an old cart for parts, and make a totally new cart, and tell people it was one of the originals…

ALL THIS, would be cheaper than buying one off Ebay.

Judging from the descriptionthat they gave in the article, that game is ass. My two-dollar copy of Wild Arms 3 is way more valuable than that piece of slag. >_>

Or buy a $17,500 hooker.

Or 17.5 $1000 hookers.

And an albino.