I can show you my pokemans soon

Heart Gold and Soul Silver coming march 14 gonna be a crazy and awesome month.


There better be Mystery Gift.

Yes there is mystery gift. I can’t wait to see the reaction of players to the new changes particularly the fact gym leaders have been wiping people out.

Oh shit, March is gonna be so awesome. SoulSilver AND a 17 hour Dragon Age expansion? Count me the fuck in.

17 hours? Man that’s longer than quite a few games sadly.


Nay, decade!

[quote=“Andrex”]RPGs OF THE YEAR

Nay, decade![/quote]

If you honestly believe that, lol.

Yeah, that is sad, but hey… the add-on looks promising.

[quote=“nothere413”]If you honestly believe that, lol.

If it does even half as well as the originals its going to put most other RPG’s to shame.

Sales wise, of course. But, as most people don’t understand… sales do not determine the quality of something.

? The game is good quality.

But is it the RPG of the decade?

Its a pretty well designed RPG. Depends on what you are looking for I guess. It doesn’t have HD graphics but I find the pokemon games quite good and this is the best yet. Certainly Pokemon game of the decade. For the overall game really isn’t much they could have done but add more content and make the graphics better. I could throw those arguments at any game.

If you played the original you would know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Worst Troll Ever.

I think you guys are arguing different things actually. I believe he’s talking about how other games can be more grand in story and graphics. Those aren’t the only things that make a game however. I personally appreciate the gameplay of Pokemon particularly the strategy you chose to implement in your game.

No, I’m arguing that it’s a remake and thus can’t be “RPG of the decade”.

EDIT: And not to mention that the gameplay, story, graphics, characters, and art style HAVE all been beaten this decade.

[quote=“nothere413”]No, I’m arguing that it’s a remake and thus can’t be “RPG of the decade”.

EDIT: And not to mention that the gameplay, story, graphics, characters, and art style HAVE all been beaten this decade.[/quote]

It can’t be because its a remake you do realize it includes things that aren’t in the original as well as changing alot of things? As for the other things I’d disagree with you just because its not as seemingly deep as other games doesn’t make it worse. I can’t like the story, characters, gameplay, artstyle or graphics? I’ll admit its not on the technical level of something like a 360 game but that’s not what makes a good game in fact some of the best games don’t have good technical merits.

I like it as an RPG but again picking RPG of the decade is pretty strange not to mention peoples opinions are going to vastly differ. I could say any new game based on technical merit. I guess it depends on what you value in an RPG and how you see the characters because opinions of characters aren’t the same from person to person. I could argue for gameplay of 2 different styles whether its turn based or something more like Mass effect where its almost a shooter with RPG elements. Best of anything is pretty subjective

Objectively, calling it RPG of the decade is foolish. Does that sum things up?

Well its just a fact people won’t agree on RPG of the decade things will become too subjective. I’ll say this Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver is a good game and has already sold well. I think Andrex is talking about the pokemon craze which goes in combination with its sales and effectively its popularity. Sales matter its how we and developers gauge how well something did as well as its popularity anything about story, ect is subjective the technical stuff I guess makes a difference but as I said technical merit isn’t what makes games good. Andrex is saying his experiences with Gold/Silver were quite good and this is a remake so he wants this game because he’s had good memories from the previous games.

Either way there will never be an agreement on something like game of the decade even RPG of the decade.

I can’t wait. I knew that it was going to show up eventually. I need to try and reserve it ASAP.