I came.


BUCKETS! Yeah shit looks amazing.


…wtf is that? It looks pretty and all and it kinda reminds me of Ico from the PS2? Is this a sequel? That would be awesome.

Actually, Shadow of the Colossus is the sequel to Ico. But, it IS the same team that did those games that is doing this new one.

Oh ok…well the kid looks exactly the same except he doesnt have a viking helmet on.

Neverending Story: The Game


Game of the forever? Or Future?

Since that footage is over a year old i wanna know why they couldn’t have shown it sooner. It’s not like Sony has some policy on dangling a carrot in front of people for years on end >_>

Looks good for a prototype though. I just want to know what the gameplay will be like and I hope the controls are tighter than Shadow.