I Am So Sick Of Hearing The Words "Epic", "Fail", And Especially "Epic Fail"

Oh god please make it stop. At first I was angry that people were using epic out of context. “Hey look at that pizza, EPIC!” No there’s nothing epic about that pizza, it looks delicious, yes; but by no means is it a godsend that is going to redefine humanity as we know it. I started to become more annoyed when people who had never been on internet forums started saying it. Most people would be creeped out by this place, but if they saw 4chan, where it got posted a good amount, they would poop their pants. Yet that didn’t annoy me, as it’s just the internet, but Jesus Christ eating a popsicle now people only use epic and fail. Instead of, “That was a good pass” it’s now, “That pass was EPIC, EPIC, EPIC, EPIC”. Or let’s say someone dropped a pass, now the response is, “Fail, fail, fail.” But nothing boils my blood like epic fail, good lord are you so unoriginal that the only insult you can resort to is EPIC FAIL YOU FAILED YOU EPICALLY FAILED??!! PLEASE JUST STOP

P.S. I know epic, fail, and epic fail are about to be spammed after this post, go on make my day.

Average victory. :stuck_out_tongue:

Epic Fail is used by people aged 10-20. There’s some over that age, and its sad, I agree.

It’s another one of those annoying things that started out on 4chan and now they get beat to death. Sort of like Rick Rolling…

I’ll give it a month before we’re back to “cool” and “awesome”.

Epic fail…


Thread fails due to lack of epicness.

I hate the two posters above me.

A lot.

[quote=“mr_knucklehead”]I hate the two posters above me.

A lot.[/quote]
Foolish little brother, if you wish to kill me, hate me, detest me, and survive in an unsightly way. Run, run and cling to life. And one day, when you have the same eyes as I do, come before me.

The fuck are you on about?

I am so sick of hearing hipster garbage like incubus and they might be giants who else agrees with me

I think “Epic Fail” has become the same thing that “Goth” became in the mid-90s after a bunch of pre-teen kids went to see The Crow.

NO. NO NARUTO QUOTES. EVER. :neutral_face:

Oh is that what that is? Gay…

What is the point of this thread.

To express my hatred towards individuals who speak said words AND to see if I have any followers in the matter.

I personally haven’t heard these terms used in awhile except in a comical sense.

I hear them all the time. I was just in a conversation where I told someone I wasn’t in a class and they responded by saying, “Fail.” :frowning:

Ah, so a hate thread. Locked.

Epic fail.

[quote=“Andrex”]Ah, so a hate thread. Locked.

Epic fail.[/quote]

Seems like more of a rant than a hate. I see no rules being broken…

So… maybe a re-open?

A hate-filled rant is still hate… I think Teddy’s proved his point, we can’t let it get out of hand.