How I see it (aka. Where I stand)

Ok, I’ve been thinking of how to do this for a while and here’s what I’ve got. I’m going to do a little less standard “Hi, I’m here” introduction, giving a little of that, but also the what’s what on the way things have been lately (I’m hoping my perspective can help, since I’m do a fair amount of postings, but don’t usually get involved in “the inner circles”)

For anyone who doesn’t know me yet, I’m Asrugan, aka Jon, a 33 yo living on the border of Iowa,Illinois, and Wisconsin (in Iowa, Dubuque actually).

What’s Asrugan? Asrugan - Lawful Good god of dragons in my AD&D/D&D campaigns of the late 80’s and 90’s.

I’m a former Nintendo fanboy, and current three console owner (faves go 360>Wii>Blu-ray play…er… PS3)

I joined the G4 message board back before I had even heard of “G4” (and belive me there’s often I still wish I hadn’t). Back in the days of TechTV, before I even got TechTV We (My wife and I) housesat for some people we knew. While there I was flipping channels and caught an episode of a show I just got so into. Heck, games are my favorite hobby, esp video games, which I’ve been playing since I was 9. The show was X-Play, and two months later we bumped up our cable subscrition two packages…just so I could get the show.

Things back then suprisingly resemble the current structure, divided by console and pretty rigidly so, though we got by. I have never been a heavy, heavy poster, but when it was announced that TechTV was merging with G4, I had a bad feeling about it, and as my other favorite TechTV shows disappeared, I was pretty ticked. Several of my posts about SpikeTV 2.0 (aka G4) got me warnings. Abut that time the forums got restructured removing anything gaming, and basically threw anyone willing to stay and talk video games on X-Play’s forum, and even then they were awfully touchy at first about what you could post.

Time passed, things got better, and while I came and went from regular posting stints, I tried to keep an eye in the boards when I could. I got many members added to my friend’s lists when I got my new consoles, and things went pretty well with that. It’s at that time I noticed that a certain board member, a pretty hard one to miss, was doing something with a “project”.

Ok, let me step aside here a second. Andrex, I don’t know the particulars in your first banning, or what went down, but from a more objective perspective I’ll try to tell you what it must have seemed like for them, based on what it looked like. The most prolific posting member of your forum, who by his very volume of posts seems somewhat obssesed with the forum you mod/run. He then creates a new forum, who’s very name smacks of a rivally/challenge/or even an attepmt to suplant your forum. You are bound to keep the site smoothly running by an agreement with a major corperation, so what do you do?

Things at that point got a bit bumpy, and the regulars saw bit of shaking up. I poked my head into GForum, and registered, but about that time stopped posting anywhere for several months (well, ok, sporadic posts). Things again settled down, until the business of the last few weeks. Latly, I noticed more and more posts by “Honesty”, was happy for Kumi to see she had been given mod privilages, and generally had been ramping up my own postings (being a semi-achievement whore, I admit it, I was trying to post thoughtful posts to gain rep, hehe, pathetic eh?)

Anyways, The change in the boards came, and I found myself in this “thing” with Belle (along with jpjuice and Sora Dora, Sora who kept me a bit in check telling me to back down off her) where finally I got a “talking to” by Baxter (he didn’t seem to like my sig…Change is comming…now bend over). I decided to back down on my posisition for the time being (I had been arguing mainly about why these changes were done so far ahead of a supposed site revamp, and why we were being censored from discussing it). Then I noticed this recent storm going on, Kumi’s missing pinkness (I liked that btw, RE in pink, very sheik), and then the disappearance of Honesty. Following the trail of bread crumbs across all the G4 forums (which I had been posting more eclecticly across since the changes anyways) I pieced together what happened. I did NOT make me happy.

So I find myself where I am now. Do I belive things could get better at G4? Actually, yes. If the network continues to aim blindly at a age group but not a demographic it will continue to fail, and I can see the whole network getting overhauled beforethe year’s end unless they refocus thier direction. This will of course relate to the web site, and by way of relation, the forums. So I will contine to post in both forums, in large part because I do enjoy people in both (some just havn’t seen the light of comming here yet :p). I like a blanketed view of the industry and it’s happenings, which you get better from a agregate source(or sources). My current G4 sig is still my dragon, though above him is a link reading:
[color=royalblue]That “other forum”

[color=black]Feel free to feedback anything, you won’t hurt my feelings :stuck_out_tongue: And as for any other members here, if you want to sound off on how the current forum v forum thing is in your opinion, feel free here.

dude i know what you mean, belle’s such a bitch she wouldnt fucking add me on XBL =[


Glad to have you.

Even though I’m not girly…I miss the pink to. I miss having my text match my avy/sig. :frowning:

And I’m sure I’m being monitored on G4 as well as got slandered by the other mods; yay…

Anyway, it’s good to see you’re here because here, we actually encourage individual freedom. :Q

[quote=“Asrugan”]My current G4 sig is still my dragon, though above him is a link reading:
[color=royalblue]That “other forum”[/quote]

Dude that’s awesome. <3 Good to have my fellow (and as far as the G4 forums were concerned, only) Animal Crossing friend back here. It would be great to get those “other” posters you were talking about over here too.

I think it’s silly you got a “talking to” for something so dumb, heck d_ramos has had way way worse sigs in the past, and Groob has very suggestive avatars too. But I suppose criticism is criticism and they just can’t handle it.

Welcome Didd

I’m a former Nintendo fanboy, and current three console owner (faves go 360>Wii>Blu-ray play…er… PS3)


Ah, but Gforum wasn’t a “new forum”. It didn’t even have a forum until last October, many months after I was banned (May 2008.) The aim of the first version of Project Gforum was to “provide a set of services designed to enhance the experience of those posting at the G4 forums”, Gforum was specifically designed to aid the forums I was “obsessed with”.

If Gforum scared the mods, they didn’t read that far into it, like most of their decisions it seems.

I also want to add that G4 is a huge corporation with thousands in funding…

What is someone who barely scraps up enough money to hose his site going to do? Especially when he isn’t even a network? The forums for G4 are simply nothing. I may not know all about their fiances but I can tell you that they probably don’t make anything from the forum itself. I’m sure most of their revenue comes from the network itself and advertisements on the sites.

Even if we all stopped completely posting on their official forums, the company would still walk away with a paycheck from those of us who do watch the network and who still go to the site for the other features, such a videos like Sessler’s Soapbox. At a financial stand point, there was no reason at all for G4 to fear Andrex’s site. It would be like Microsoft getting cold feet over a ‘Mom and Pop’ computer store opening next to their headquaters…People may go there but it’s not going to damage their overall business at all.

Also, it’s a bit hypocritical since previous G4 mods tried starting their own forums, too. I don’t know if any of you remember IG4 which was going to be an exclusive independent forum where only selected, “intelligent” members were going to be allowed to post on. It was started and ran by Zorro, a mod. So if that was ok then this should have been, too.

(However, IG4 ended for me in disaster but that’s a whole different story within itself…)

(However, IG4 ended for me in disaster but that’s a whole different story within itself…)[/quote]

Tell us, tell us! I don’t want Gforum to be another footnote in the “doomed to repeat history” pages.

Which is exactly what it looked like.

Remember, G4 isn’t even a corperate enity in and of itself, it’s owned by Comcast, who they report to. That’s worked to my advantage as well, after one of the Feed’s contributor’s got out of hand (dunno how many feed readers would even know but there was an on going thing when this one gal, heck, can’t even remember her name made some very distateful post comments on a newsarticle about a mother who microwaved her baby. Words ensued, and I threatened to take the whole thing to Comcast. I never saw another article posted by her (though I did get a nice nasty little PM about how I was over reacting).

Anyways, so basically you’re talking about mods as the bottom of the food chain, trying to easily protect something they really have no overall control over. Are their actions going to save the network or the company? No, but I do (from my time as an EQ guide) understand where they are comming from. Alot of it is a sense of loyaly (which I actual admire), which at this piont having loyalty in G4 is sorly misplaced.

If they are loyal to G4, I wouldn’t say that loyalty is misplaced necessariy. It’s just their actions in the pursuit of that loyalty can be a little blind at times.

Well, at least we know that we won’t suffer the same fate as ODSC.

Seeing as how you own the site, I don’t think anyone will challenge you for the position of head Admin.

[quote=“nothere413”]Well, at least we know that we won’t suffer the same fate as ODSC.

Seeing as how you own the site, I don’t think anyone will challenge you for the position of head Admin.[/quote]
Even if they do it’s not like they’ll get it. :stuck_out_tongue: Unless I go away for months, it’s doubtful anyone else will ever assume admin priveleges here. TBH I’m still a bit nervous to grant modship. I still remember the promise though, Ryan, don’t worry. I think it’ll be fulfilled perhaps over the summer.



G4 isn’t scared of this site. This place, in and of itself, is irrelevant to G4. If they were concerned about this forum having some negative effect on their channel or site they wouldn’t stand for one of their more senior moderators essentially advertising this place on their second most heavily trafficked forum (also the forum most likely to lose members to this place). I don’t know what reason might have been given for banning “Honesty,” and I naturally don’t have all the details behind Kumi’s demodding (on that subject, I was very sorry to hear about that Kumiko. I really think you’d make an excellent moderator), but I guarantee those actions weren’t taken because G4 is afraid of this site. It simply doesn’t make sense. This place doesn’t threaten them in any way, and this isn’t the first time someone’s made a companion/competing forum. Kumiko mentioned the now defunct Independent G4, and there’s also The Haisho (also founded by a moderator) which is largely responsible for the lack of activity at G4’s anime forum, since it sucked away all the regulars (and several X-Play regulars). I know there have been at least a couple others that aren’t around anymore. G4 never cared about any of them, so why would this site be any different?