How good is Final Fantasy IV DS?

So yeah, I’m basically taking a question I asked in the G4 forums that didn’t get any answers, so I’m copying and pasting the question here because I think I could get a better response.

“So I want to play it again, but then I remembered that the DS version is out, and I want to know. I’m a person that doesn’t like remakes a lot, because they usually take away the overall feel of the original. In fact, the only remakes I think are close, if not better than the original, are Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, and Kirby Super Star Ultra. So my question is: Is Final Fantasy IV DS even measurable to the original, or is it another bogged down remake that runs slow with downgraded music and new dialogue that doesn’t improve on the original’s?”

Can’t be worse than FF3. Anyways nothere should be able to answer your question, he’s a FF4 nut. >_>


In all honesty, I would probably call it the best game on the DS today. (Or perhaps tied for that spot with Mario Kart DS)

It’s a really great game and they seriously improved upon the original. It’s got amazing graphics for a DS game, and it’s even got voice acting. Cecil is played by Yuri Lowenthaal (He played Luke in Tales of the Abyss) and pretty much every voice actor in the game is at least tolerable. If you have a DS, I’d call it a must buy.

Actually, I’d consider myself to be a Final Fantasy 1-8 nut. When 9 hit, I lost that sense of wanting to praise Final Fantasy games. And 10 was an utter disgrace to the franchise.

Oh, and FFIII DS was frickin’ awesome. I still think you just don’t like it because it’s too hard and you were dumb and shrunk yourself before you were supposed to.

Well, seeings how they did a damn good job with 3 I’m sure 4 would be fine.

Haven’t actually played it myself but I’ve gone through all 3 versions of 3. lol…