How bout that PSP Go?

I’ll wait untill E3 till I decide if I want one or now. For now, nah.


That is going to be the Anti-PSP Go slogan.

Do you rike it?


It just looks to clunky to be any good…but we will see needs more details.

After I got my iPod Touch my PSP is now solely a device I play games on. And my PSP 1000 is holding up (I can still play games on it >_>) and this device doesn’t seem like it offers that much more to justify me buying it.

If anything I’d probably be more likely to just wait and buy a cheap used 3000.

But the thing that is most concerning to me about this device is John Koller said that in the future he wants them to focus on smaller short burst forms of games… if they are looking at the App Store and thinking they can have games like Flight Control on their platform and be successful he must be smoking crack.

Unless they REALLY RADICALLY change the way PSP development works and cut out all the bullshit (Like the fucking ESRB :neutral_face::expressionless: :neutral_face:) like Apple has done I don’t see that happening.

But at the same time I’m glad the device exists because it’s now an excuse to have games be UMD and Digital distribution day-one (b/c you now have 2 platforms PSP and PSP Go) which is what I wanted.



I didn’t see how light and small it was… from the video is looks big and wide but …

If it’s under $200 I’m in. Can’t believe it’s even lighter than my iPod Touch. 0_o

This isn’t a completely new handheld, is it? That would suck.

No it’s like the DS Lite. It’s a redesign.

They added internal memory 16GB and Bluetooth.

[quote=“sbf717”]No it’s like the DS Lite. It’s a redesign.

They added internal memory 16GB and Bluetooth.[/quote]

Sweet! I have no money, so this is good news. Besides, I spent so much time messing with the settings in mine that it wouldn’t feel right buying a new version.

As I posted at NeoGAF:

The thinness is nice, and I do like it’s digital distribution-only, however that is one hell of an ugly design. Yikes.

This would’ve been much more exiting and cool if this was announced at Sony’s press conference at E3, as opposed to a web page.

Oh well.

So basically, it’s the Gameboy Micro version of the PSP.

And it doesn’t even play UMDs, right? Now what am I going to do with the $29.99 MSRP copy of Paul Blart: Mall Cop I just bought?

Damn it all.

Well something has to happen to my PSP to justify purchase of this one.

if its too light it might feel cheap and flimsy…not to mention how break proof is the handheld?

Should of added touchscreen.

From what I understand from some reading is that this is just a redesign of the original and not the PSP2. So I don’t think adding a second nub and a touch screen would be justified.

That’s retarded. Then it would just give a bunch of losers more excuse to say that “Sony copies everything”.


Look familiar?

I stole it from kotaku.