Holy shit SH1 on psn right now!!

All of you buy that shit right now if you have a PS3 or PSP you can no choice.:neutral_face:

But. . . but. . . .I have the game. . . .already. . .

On disc.

In my PS3. :confused;


Do it I’ll bug the shit out of you on live until you do.:frown;

And that is one of the reasons why I stopped using Live. :plain;

Get on live baby I wanna hear your voice.

Give me 10 dollars and I will. :\

It’s $10? Hurmph. That’s a little strange. I don’t like how they fluxuate the PS1 game prices.

$6 actually, it’s just you can’t choose a specific amount to put into your PSN wallet. The lowest to go to get something for six dollars is ten.

id do it for $9.57

or just $0.57 . . .

Meh, If they can re-release SH2 on PSN, I’ll buy it.

Eh, i can live with that

:confused;:confused;:confused; That’s new to me. I know the min funds to add is $5 but I could have sworn everything pass that it only charges you the exact amount.

Like when you go to buy something at like $7.99 with no funds in your wallet it would give you the option to add $7.99 to your wallet.

I mean it does charge you the exact amount, but you can’t just select $6.00 to put in your wallet. You’d have to put $10 just to spend $6.

Do you live in Canada???

I just turned on my PS3 and put Wipeout PS1 in my cart by selecting Buy Now.

I have .4 cents in my wallet and it’s telling me my funding amount to be charged on my debit card will be $5.95


Don’t try to add funds to your wallet just select Buy Now and it should just give you the excat amount to be added to your wallet at checkout


I need to learn things faster. -_-

[quote=“nightshade_II”]But. . . but. . . .I have the game. . . .already. . .

On disc.