High Voltage working on NEW Wii game?

Check it out near the end of the video they hint at “big news” at E3

Animales de la Muerte? >_>


I don’t think they’d be ready to announce a new game just yet.

Maybe a downgraded DS port of The Conduit, though. Which would be cool.

Im gonna say an RPG from first person using wiimotion plus to swing ur weapon or aim your arrows/spells.

Something I’ve wanted since launch…

(Oblivion style game + Wii controls = Epic Win)

[quote=“Asrugan”]Something I’ve wanted since launch…

(Oblivion style game + Wii controls = Epic Win)[/quote]
Dragon Quest Swords already came out… a while ago.

No, I ment a GOOD game.

Honestly. Trex, just because it’s on the Wii doesn’t mean you have to support it.

I’m just saying that that game fit the criteria he was talking about.

Go play that, then play Oblivion. Not where even near the same category.

He’s right…trying to compare and on rails rpg/shooter/hack n slash to the epicness of oblivion is like comparing a Bowing 77 to a gnat!

You could walk around… in the town…

Or you could have fun playing a game that doesn’t suck.

exactly LOL.