Hi Chad, Why Don't You Have a Seat Over There?

I’m Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC, and we’re doing another show on people who meet kids on the Internet for sex.

You started it with me and claimed to be 18! I have the chat log!

Matt: Hey what’s up stud

sbf717: Hey man what’s going on! Just sitting here studying and listening to some music

Matt: While naked??

sbf717: Ummmmmm why is that important

Matt: I’m just curious I’m sitting here wearing nothing but my Halo 3 legendary helmet

sbf717: Ok dude too much info I’m just trying to study man

Matt: starts up webcam

sbf717: Dude NO!

Matt: Call me your bro Chad!!! BROMANCE!!!

sbf717: Facepalms.gif

ITT: Matt discovers an internet meme months after it was popular.

Ryan, why don’t you take a seat over there so we can talk about those conversations you had with Hawtboiz21?

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I’m 12 and what is this?

LIES Shes an agent!

What is this thread?