Here's what came by my door last night....

A brand new bass.

Loving it right now. I been debating whether or not I should be spending my money on video games but ehh. For some reason I don’t have it in me anymore. now that all I’m doing is working, practicing, exercising, and watching more dramas, movies, and animes. Which all in all, is taking up my life.

I might as well use my skill for something great than settle that kind of skill on a hobby like gaming. Hobbies don’t get people laid. =-/

thats one ugly fish


Why do people like that shape? It’s like the engineer was drunk when he drew the damn thing. Ugh…

I mean I don’t want to down your party–congrats on the new bass.

But seriously.

I love that color of blue. Rock on mon… :cool;

Now there’s hardly anything wrong with the shape. It’s an extremely common design with electric basses.

The only complaint I have with it is the lower protrusion isn’t long enough to grab my leg so it tends to slip off. The longer the upper protrusion is the better because the whole bass won’t slouch down when I’m standing.

I know that it’s a popular shape. I just don’t understand why.

I mean but to each their own right? And it hardly doesn’t matter because if you play bass you’re auto-cool.


That’s pretty sexy.

I can’t even play the harmonica, so it’s good that you have musical talent. Congrats on the bass, (LOL, w2d2) and good luck.

I’ll just stick to drawing pictures.

Cool. :slight_smile: :thumbsup;

I wish I knew how to play the bass… I wish knew how to play alot of Instruments.