Hell Yeah! Sonic Adventure coming to XBLA/PSN!!


Fucking pumped to have Sonic Adv in HD. Supposely its coming to PSN too(although knowing MS’s relationship with Sega it might have a short window of exclusively) but fuck it I’ll buy it on both platforms :smiley:

This is sweet Sonic Adventure + Achievements sweet!

Achievements are that important? I do have to say Sonic Adventure was pretty good.

I think what he means is that its cool when old games get achievements/trophies.

It was the beginning of the end.

Achievements are alright I guess. I certianly could care less whether they have them or not. The extended package is interesting since it could be DLC or more content which is way more interesting to me.

Well I like having goals in a old game that did not exist when I first played it. And I kicked the shit out of my friends list with Sonic 2.

Some achievements are pretty lame like play practice mode or beat the game. I find them to be quite shallow and unimportant beyond a few for bragging rights. I’d rather have the ability to record video of gameplay and upload them to a computer with a decent format preferably able to pick from a variety of common formats.

They should release Sonic Adventure 2 on them and add online play. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah when they put the original sonic on the gba with a high price that’s when shit was going bad.

Fucking pumped to have Sonic Adv in HD.[/quote]

:lol 640x480 with borders at 30fps confirmed by GAF. True HD for sure. :lol

Early an incomplete builds can be uploaded to parternet and debug PSN.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 for example was uploaded many months before its final release and was incomplete.

So I’ll wait and see >_> Even if it is I’ll still probably buy it for nostiliga.

Will it play better than the GCN versions?

I never had the Dreamcast, but I own both Adventures on GCN and the old stereotype of Sonic fans being deluded into loving everything Sonic related because it’s Sonic related comes to mind, because I found the controls and camera to be horrible on the first and just not fun with the second one.

They were both supposedly abysmal but they glanced over it at the time because it was early on for 3D.

Shit in 3D is still shit. Look at all the first year PS1 games. There were maybe 5 playable ones in 3D. StarFox was glanced over because it was early 3D. Sonic Adventure came out 2 generations after.


So does that mean sonichu the game is that much closer to being announced?

We can only hope.

I already have them both on Gamecube.

Good for people who haven’t played them though, these were some great games, especially the first one.

Shadow the Hedgehog was the beginning of the end, anyone who knows anything about the franchise knows that much. =\