HELL YEAH! EA Sports Active sells 1.8 million copies!!


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So awesome. I’m glad so many people bought it, it looked so fun to play. Way more interesting than Wii Fit. Hopefully more and more people keep buying the future games as during the conference call it was called a “platform”.

[SPOILER]Now hurry up and write that nice fat check to DICE so I can get more Faith :smiley:[/SPOILER]

My sister kinda seemed interested in it when we went to Target today…

Tell her shes needs it D=

WiiFit is a joke compared to this. I actually broke a sweat doing EA Active.


I don’t really understand the enthusiasm in this thread.

Me neither this “game” could not be any further off my radar.

Its for those people who don’t like Nintendo so they are happy something besides Wii Fit did well I guess.


Since when are you happy about Fitness games? I guess you can be happy a third party did well but I’m not happy EA is following a trend of Fitness games. I like what EA did with Tiger Woods and Motion plus but this not really.

I have always thought Fitness games were great. Even as a child I did Track and Field right along side my Mom with our Power Pad for NES