Heavy Rain demo impressions.

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Ok so right off the bat I just have to mention how goddamn beautiful the game looks, I’ve seen tons of videos in HD but nothing quite compares to seeing it all uncompressed via HDMI right from the direct source.

We all know the pit traps Indigo Prophecy fell into with trying to pantomime your actions to the dual analog sticks but with Heavy Rain they seem to be moving in the right direction.

The exploration parts of Heavy Rain do feel the same as Indigo but the “combat” is way different. Adding way more indepth button presses, analog stick movement, and motion control instead of the simon says follow the colors of Indigo. The motion control stood out the most to me as this game is probably one of the best adaptions to SIXAXIS.

During the fight scene when I had to shake I found myself actually saying out loud “Get the fuck off me” if anything this stands out as probably the best attempt with pantomiming your actions in the real world to those that are in the game [SPOILER]Which could be taken even farther with Natal but let’s not dwell on that[/SPOILER]

Although the game could use a RUN button as the fastest walk speed really isn’t situated to a larger scene where you have to cover alot of ground, like the Norman scene. In the smaller more closed off areas it works just fine though.

Overall I was impressed and I look forward to diving into the full game later this month.

That sounds awesome but alas I have no no no no no shakes head sorry I feel like a broken record. I have no PS3 yet.

“Moving” in the right direction? That doesn’t seem very encouraging…

Oh nvm, I just reload it and it working now.


Oh yeah, it actually worked on IE only. :\

Well I’m not sure that it will hold up over 10 hours but initially it does feel natural. It probably will feel natural to anyone who’s played alot of Playstation games and know the controller quite well

About to download and explode from awesomeness soon.

Well you seem very excited for this game and for once I hope it works out for you. :smile;

fails to climb up hill and gets dirt and mud all over suit goty 2010 can’t wait to play the full game.:slight_smile: