look at my fuckin drawing :smiley:

Miyamoto wants to join you!

Ghost_in_the_shell wanted me to do this for some reason. So… I did.

While being relevant to my interests, my drawings still better


Some of my Paint/oekaki doodles:

^ All for sbf on Facebook. Last one was for his birthday last year, thinking about what to draw this year. :wink:

Yours is still better though.

Your drawing isn’t fucking. I call shenanigans! :disgust;

[quote=“Andrex”]Some of my Paint/oekaki doodles:

Yours is still better though.[/quote]


Thanks man. :smiley:

Oh god I love the “ಠ ಠ” look on that RE4 Villager.

Great picture of Rob. :smiley: