Guys, look at what I've been making this evening... =3

This evening a friend taught me some cool origami tricks with bills. So step-by-step she told me how to make these awesome things.

^ The first three.

^ This one by far took the longest.

These are so fun to make! Now I’m looking into websites that go over more interesting origami with money.

I can try to get more but I don’t have that many bills in my wallet. I got to unfold these back into place.

…Finished this one. Did this from my imagination.

This is about as good as I can do with mindpower alone. XD

That’s cool.

Back in 4th or 5th grade, I bought this Origami book for a school project I was working on. Out of everything, I only remember how to make a paper doggie.

[quote=“Gurren Lagann”]


These are actually pretty cool, though.

Here’s a step-by-step summary of me making a F-18 origami.

I had to fold the bill in half vertically then horizontally. Then fold 1/3 of it so it looks like a triangle.

Repeated it with the other side, but I let its edge stick out a bit.

Fold the whole bill into a triangular pentagon. Started paying attention to the wings.

I make the wings and tail look fatter by more bending/folding.

Repeat it on the other side. I then bend the whole thing down right at the vertical line.

I bend it even further (on the opposite direction) to make it pop out 3 dimensionally.

Add a few more aesthetic bends and viola…

So… if anyone bothers to read this, I’m up for some origami suggestions that I could tackle and will get to them tomorrow/this weekend. Please feel free to list them…

The only dollar I have is too squished up to do that.

I want to see more Morrocan presidents.

Do Ryan.

I’m not gay, so no thank you.

Whoa. O_O