Grrr... argh... You hear that? It's E3, rising from the dead!

[quote]Level Up has just learned that after long, bruising and politically difficult negotiations, the Entertainment Software Association is preparing to announce tomorrow that E3 2009 will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center during the first week of June–and that for the first time, E3 will officially open its doors to the public at large. According to a source close to the process, the convention floor and meeting rooms will open on Tuesday June 2nd to media and industry professionals. On Friday June 5th and Saturday June 6th, however, the show floor will open up to the public. What about the famous press conferences from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, along with a handful of third party publishers? Our source told us to “expect a boat load of press conferences on Monday during the day and on Tuesday morning.”

Internally, the ESA and its members are referring to the event as a “prosumer show,” a term our source found puzzling. Presumably it refers to the ESA’s intent to reach out to not necessarily the world at large, but to media, industry professionals and the most avid gamers. For while attendance is expected to rise dramatically from the 2008 show, our source informed us that the ESA is aiming to cap next year’s attendance at 40,000. That’s significantly less than the record 70,000 people that attended E3 in 2005, and it’s also less than the nearly 60,000 people who attended this year’s Penny Arcade Expo in August in downtown Seattle.[/quote]


Yes! Hopefully this means things can get back to normal for E3 (and by normal, I mean E3 2006-ish). Being much closer to May and opening its doors seems to put it on the right track- we can’t let Japan and Germany hold the crown of “World’s Best Gaming Convention” for too long! Patriotic

Open to public oh I’m so going next year. AND! I’m going go get it on video.

Be sure to go to all the Nintendo booths. :smiley:

I hope E3 goes back to the way it was now that I have a chance of going.

I dont know what I will do.