Gotham Knights

The costume had me wondering if it was Damian but holy shit WB didn’t wuss out this time! Playable Timmy! I really hope they have some good alternate costumes but I’m so happy he’s the Robin they went with instead of just going with Damian due to name recognition.

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Also I absolutely LOVE that the whole “white streak in Jason’s (dark) hair” thing is becoming canon – IIRC it was only the case in Hush (and that was a fake Jason AKA Clayface as well, if I’m remembering right…) Then he didn’t have it for like 10 years, and in fact Grant Morrison tried to make Jason Todd a redhead ("Bruce made me dye my hair black like Grayson!! :rolleyes:)

This feels like a game made by actual big fans of DC comics, who have read multiple runs and done their homework. Hopefully the gameplay lives up, but just from a lore perspective I’m hyped.

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Also, COURT OF OWLS and Talon bitches!! :smiley:





Looks SOOOOOOOOOO much better than Suicide Squad. One of the most disappointing reveals in a long time was Squad.

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This actually answers a lot of things I was wondering.


Is this a fully open world? Will areas be blocked off or level-gated?
Patrick Redding: “It is one open world city, right from the start. And no, there’s no level gating whatsoever.”