Google Stadia ✪

YouTube, Phil Harrison, and Jade Raymond COMBINE to bring you OnLive 2.0! (with appearances by id Tech, Ubisoft, and Dylan Cuthbert.)

…is the headline of some really lame clickbaity blogs no doubt. The tech here is really exciting, and some of the features (crowd share, splitscreen with no performance hits, state share, etc.) are really compelling to me.

Certain genres may not be viable for a long time (sorry six), but it’s not like Netflix has every movie. This seems like a good compliment to owning a Switch tbh.

There’s some good names behind this, and Google forming an actual first-party studio is a great sign of commitment. The GDC talk was pretty dev-focused so I’m excited to see how they present this to consumers at E3.

Its streaming so bleh. Also thought the specs would be higher 10 teraflops is something the next Xbox and Playstation can hit.

I can see “the features (crowd share, splitscreen with no performance hits, state share, etc.)” being cool but in most games will this work all that well?

Right now its a streaming only early next gen system and I’m not seeing the game support.

Stadia as a name is terrible.

If they want to be taken seriously they really need to attend E3 with some major stuff.

As the easy allies put it google said alot of “imagine” as if they don’t already have that stuff in place.

I can’t wait to be playing Stadia games in fifteen years, or even like, five months!

But yeah, this would be a good idea… if we lived in a country where 1 gig speed internet with no data caps was the norm, but we don’t. We live in America.

As it stands right now its a streaming only next gen system by google showing old ports.

It’s fine, and works for what they’re going for (crowds of people watching crowds of players.)

It’s not a very marketable or memorable name.


Yeah but like, is “Xbox” any better?

Most console names are pretty terrible tbh and are only remembered fondly due to Stockholm syndrome lol.

PlayStation and Switch are top-tier names though.

If Stadia is successful the name won’t be an issue. Will the name hinder it’s success? I would say possibly to some minute degree, but probably not very much in this case.

Yeah kinda most parents and grandparents will not remember Stadia over XBox when buying a system for their kid.

“Where do I buy the Google for Billy?”

Plus Xbox has a number added to it’s name so any old lady can go to Walmart and ask for the “One Box” or whatever.

What’s going to hold Stadia back the most is that data it uses and the internet itself.

Plus right now it’s has the whole “It’s got no games” argument working against it.

You can show all the people you’re working with all you want but if you can’t show a title or two of games you can’t get somewhere else you’re in trouble.

Nintendo can ride on the Pokémon, Zelda and Mario titles in the future because they’re the only place you can get them. Google showed Assassins Creed a game you can get pretty much anywhere. If they have a first party studio working on something they should have brought that out. Google just looks unprepared for gaming.

It’s lacking. It will die and we can bury it next to the Wii U, Ouya and Google +.

I mean the big benefit is that there IS no “box” or system. It just works with shit you already own.

So no grandma, no Wal*mart. Billy can just fire up their iPad and be playing Battle Royale Whatever in less than 10 seconds.

Few announced games doesn’t mean no games. In addition, having a first party studio is a big commitment and while no one knows what the quality of those games should be like, we should give them a chance just like we gave any new first party studios back in the day.

In addition, as consumers we’ll get more info from E3 than tech details from GDC.

Google can and will constantly tweak that side of things. People are doubting the tech side of things and that’s not the unrealistic aspect of Stadia – it’s the buy-in from devs.

With Unity and Unreal support, Google’s full weight (including first party games), and a strong tech backing, I’d say it has at least has a shot. :man_shrugging:

And this may be mindblowing but it’s possible for Stadia to be successful…

  • Even if it’s not accessible to the millions of people with sub-25MB/s connections
  • Even if it completely lacks certain games or genres of games
  • Even if it lacks a significant killer app

If it gets enough users to justify the cost to Google, then it’s successful (and the technology even more so.)

Lots of what if and imagine happening.

Lots of things we haven’t been told and you’re assuming. :man_shrugging:

Here’s what we know:

  • Google considers Project Stream from last year successful
  • Stadia is building on that, and increasing the resolution and frames-per-second
  • There’s some features never before seen in gaming: Crowd Share, distributed split screen co-op, etc.
  • Google is making first-party games now
  • It’s possible to port AAA games in weeks (going by DOOM Eternal)

We don’t know:

  • Content
  • Pricing
  • Release timing

Considering all the above: is it wise or fair to declare the service D.O.A.? I would argue not, and that’s why I’ve argued against you ITT.

I’m only assuming a little, Google has a bad track record when branched out into new ventures. Google thought Google+ was successful but it never took completely off. They can barely keep YouTube from eating itself.

It’s nice they can pump ports of games into a market full of them faster than most other people because that’s what we all want.

I hope that white store brand Nintendo Pro controller is worth it.

I’m very confident Google can deliver something that feels like the Netflix of gaming, less than 10 seconds to load, 5 seconds of lower quality stream, and then rock solid after that.

What’s more interesting to me is the aspect of being able to interact with streamers through Stadia. There are a few games that support Twitch Chat and it lets people vote on stuff like which level the streamer will go to next or spawn stuff in the level but with Stadia there can be even cooler stuff as each person in chat can be inside the game. One of the most amazing experiences of the last 5 years was watching things like Twitch plays Pokemon, it’s crazy to think of what a collective of people can achieve when we all have input on a game. And this lowers the barrier of entry so more people can participate.

Stuff like that is a way to make gaming “feel” like a true next generation leap, at least social gaming.

Also I loved seeing Phil on stage again, 15 years later he’s still has the ability to make me be mesmerized.

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I like what this could mean for better internet. There isn’t enough push with tv alone in the marketplace.

I’m concerned what the ads will be like.

According to The Quartering this will be free if nothing changes between now and launch. Games still being paid for of course.

That worries me that ads may ne bloated. I imagine youtube style ad checkpoints throughout your game time.

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Some really great tidbits in an easy to read format. Answers some questions.

So basically if you have 15 Mbps you are getting 720p so how much for 4k 60 let alone 8k 120. 10.7 teraflops is powerful now but only for a short while.

4 things that would be important

  1. full Competitor-brand controller support
  2. Great 1st-party titles guaranteed to be exclusive
  3. Accessible on a competitor console
  4. Subscription-style a la Netflix, PSNow, instead of buying games separately