Google Hardware ✪ Pixel Phones and Nest Homes

Discussion thread for Google hardware news and releases.

Today they should be announcing:

  • Pixel 4a 5G (~$500)
  • Pixel 5 (~$700)
  • Chromecast with Google TV ($49.99)
  • Nest Audio ($99.00)

Excited for the new Chromecast specifically, especially the remote and full OS.

Yeah that new Chromecast is mine. :heart_eyes:

CLOWNSHOES lmao. Will Stadia ever get out of beta? They need to coordinate this shit better.

Google Play Music YouTube Music
Google Play Movies & TV Google TV
Google Play Books
Google Play Games
Google Play

Two down, three to go.

Google TV Android TV Google TV

Google what are you doing… you’re supposed to be convincing everyone you can make your own chips eventually like Apple. =/

Also if there were ever a year an extra chip would be really useful… this is it. You’re using a non-flagship CPU and you decide NOW is the time having dedicated co-processing for camera and and AI stuff isn’t needed? Lol.

Last year was such a mess I knew it’d take two years to fully clean up. I have high hopes for Pixel 6 but this year feels very transition-y.

My two new babies are here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Replacing a first gen and a second gen Chromecast. Never got the Ultra or third gen. (I guess that makes these new ones fourth gen? :thinking:)

Setup process is smooth but a little lengthy. Hoping I can use these to convince the rents to ditch AT&T DirecTV. :face_vomiting:

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This was too good to pass up TBH… Even for a straight digital picture frame, $50 ain’t bad. Throw in a whole-home smart control panel of the future like I always wanted, and… damn… :shocked:

The Nest Hub has been a nice picture frame and decent speaker. My older sister cast Spotify to it while she was down (ugh, Spotify people… lol.)

Also got a USB-C hub and (crappy) webcam on the way for the living room Chromecast. Having Duo and video calling on a big shared TV just screams “the future” to me haha. Couldn’t pass up the chance.

Also also, I paired my Bluetooth headphones with the new Chromecast. :shocked: More reviews should point this out, amazing functionality. It also makes me wonder if pairing a Nest Audio speaker or Google Home Max as a “soundbar” would work since they support Bluetooth pairing too… Hmm… Quality probably wouldn’t be as good as wired because BT sucks tho.