Good-bye, Zombie360.


Ah the XBox360…Such a fun system but everything good comes with a price. Cursed with the dreaded Red Rings of Death, the system is capable of dying almost at any time. I’ve been through four of them and the one in the picture above is XBox360 #5.

I had original gotten my system back when the system first launched. 360 #1 died about two months after I got it. Disappointed and frustrated since it was a brand new system, I sent it back. Two weeks later 360 #2 arrived. However, it would not connect Live. After a few days, I was informed by Microsoft that my returned system was one of the few in a bunch that had some sort of programming glitch that would not allow them to read Live. It took them about a week to decide that I needed to send it back…

So after a little over a month without a system, a free month of Live added to my account, and a free wireless controller later…360 #3 was shipped to me. 360 #3 lasted about a good solid year and half before it needed its cardboard coffin.

Thus came 360 #4. This 360 was special…It was different. You’d go to turn it on and get the Red Rings of Death . I’d often have to turn it on and off a few times before it would work. Occasionally, it would be flashing red while it worked fine. So we dubbed it my Zombie360.

I had it for about over a year before it started acting strange. I noticed that the fan sounded like it was beginning to run harder over the weeks…It would make a scratching sound sometimes before I took a game out…The disc tray began sticking…Glitches and games freezing became more common…It took more restarts to start the system than before…Over all, I had the feeling that I was witnessing the beginning of the end.

With the system being from a chain of launch systems, I was out of warranty as of November. I made the decision that if it died, I would just buy a new Pro system so I had a new warranty and a 60Gig harddrive over a 20Gig. However, a different opportunity appeared.

Less than a week ago, a gentlemen went to sell his Halo XBox360. Naturally the very unique system caught my eye. While I enjoyed Halo, I wasn’t sure if I liked the game enough to want to look into purchasing his system, but after he turned it on, I realized just how crappy of state mine was in. The system turned out without any trouble and it sounded so quiet. Not only that, but it had a HDMI port and came with component cables that I’d need once I do get my LCD TV which only sweetned the deal.

So tonight I traded in my Zombie360 and used the money to buy the Halo one. I figured it didn’t matter if this one was out of warranty or not since I already was out of warranty.

So here’s to a new beginning with a new-used system!

So sad, Kumi.

I blame MS.

Halo 3 Edition? It deserved to die. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t you read? The Halo 3 one is the one she just got.

If you think I’ll keep posting here with you being a twat all the time, you’ve got another thing coming. Don’t edit my posts.

But the Halo one is the one I got…

A friend also gave me a HDMI cord and $20 for the Halo controller and I got a 120Gig harddrive from someone else for $32.

Want a straw so you can suck it up? :lol

Why yes. Yes I do.

Too bad. :lol