Give me song ideas

I’m bored and I want to write new songs. Give me some ideas, I will write about anything. If I think it’s good enough (I have low standards) I’ll post my recording. gogogogogo

Playing video games while drunk and/or high.

Write about getting bitches and hoes while ridin on 20s

Write about fuckin bitches in the VIP section of the club.

Write a song about the day in the life of a goomba, watching helplessly as Mario stomps his friends to death.

Make a song about all the events you can think of happening in videogames.

Song about peanut butter. Spread it on your nipples and do a dance.

Working on everyone’s now. So far I’m most excited about spooie’s.

That’s what I’m here for.

I want to hear the ballad of a dragon slaying ninja pirate and his adventures in the sixth dimension.

i suck dicks
bitches watching porno flicks
rubbing her clit
i dont give a shit
make love to a dirty slut
ram my big penis in her butt
cum in her baby maker
i said i used a condom lol im a faker
went and fucked her mother after i was done
a milf with no teeth is fun
felt like a baby was sucking me off
idkwtf to rhyme with off