GhostWire: Tokyo (dev. Tango Gameworks)

Executive Producer | Shinji Mikami
Director | Ikumi Nakamura Kenji Kimura
Platforms | PlayStation 5 and PC
Release | 2021

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She’s so happy to be there

and we are happy to have her too.


^^^ SOOOOO adorable!!!

But yeah this game looks incredible, I can’t wait to see more. REALLY loving what I saw, concept and design seems great.

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OH MY GOD! I Love Her! :sob::heart:


In the words of Brandon Jones “the most jolly presentation of a horror game” and i loved it.

Need to see more as I’m not yet completely sold on the concept (though it looks like the Hawkeye/Ronin spin off story after Thanos’ snap lol) but she was awesome.

Her enthusiasm sold me the game. Her and Keanu Reeves are the only LEGIT thing that happened this E3.

But then you start seeing what else she did and then you feel like a dumbass for not knowing who she is.

Not only did she work on the art of Okami and Bayonetta, she was the lead artist for The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. She created Laura Creature.

(p.s. I forgot how great this teaser is)

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You’re right Stealth and i didn’t know she was directing this game. Think i might have to keep an eye out on it now.

As for Laura she’s definitely a great creature design so I’m glad to learn she was responsible for it.

Specifically calling out Taiwan and Hong Kong as the two next potential settings… seems like that might kinda be a political statement with everything going on. :thinking:

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Yeah was definitely in the more interesting category.

You aren’t sad and down that it is first person? Good lol

I encourage anyone to watch the first trailer after having seen this latest one during the PS5 event. Seems like the game has changed in tone. The first trailer felt as you would be the one hunting these ghosts whereas now it’s the opposite.

Looks interesting still. Did not expect it being first person though.

Some think that is why the cute Ikumi Nakamura left the project but idk.

I really want to know what’s up with the development on this. Tai is right, the original trailer is basically “Left Behind + Tokyo and now you’re hunting ghosts with a crossbow YEAH BOYYY GET SOME” while the new one is “Holy shit Tokyo is being invaded and you’re the only dude in Japan bad enough to stop the ghosts, but actually be kinda careful cause these ghosts could fuck you up.”

That said, RE4 went through several entire variations, and this seems less an upended teatable than possible course correction. In Mikami I trust.

While RE4 did indeed go through different variations it did so behind the scenes, right? I think ultimately the trailers were mostly indicative of what we got unlike this game so far.

Another thing to note is that graphically this game doesn’t look that impressive and i wonder if it’s because they’re targeting 60fps. While you have studios like Square Enix which tend to use the console to it’s full potential and showcase graphically intensive games like FFVII:R and Project Athia i often notice lots of Japanese games that don’t look that visually impressive and i never wonder if it’s because they choose to focus on fidelity rather than visuals.

Shame if true.

Also, now that she’s no longer attached to the project i’m sure someone out there is like “pre-order cancelled”. lol

Not really, the Hook Man version was basically totally different. Tone, setting (airship vs. eastern European village), type of horror (supernatural vs. parasitic genetic mutations), whether there was a persistent Mr. X/Nemesis mechanic at all (the eponymous Hook Man) and I think even the third person camera wasn’t present in the version of RE4 first shown publicly.

Granted RE4 had a five year dev time, so shit was always going to change, only in this case Mikami really did start from scratch a few times. One of those restarts even became DMC1…

I don’t remember much of RE4 trailers so I’ll take your word for it.

Btw, is Mikami known for shifting project ideas during development?

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That’s a good question. It’s probably impossible to answer because of how secretive development is usually. And it’s still really unclear to me how hands-on Mikami was and still is…

Yeah its hard to know. Unless they person is allowed to talk alot we really don’t hear how involved they are.

We know about Sakurai being heavily involved in Smash Bros because he talks about it in Famitsu columns.

Apparently this is PS5 and PC exclusive now?

Edit- It’s also not a horror game?!?!

Mikami knows action, I trust him, but not exactly what I was hyped for…