Ghost of Tsushima Official Thread

We will spoiler tag and blur spoilers.

Discuss. So far this is one of my favorite games in years. Luckily it was highly successful.

And here are some cool NON spoiler stats.

With regards to your last post in the other thread, my horse was a black horse named Kage. I was sad he went the way of my horse Ironside from RDR2.

Also, I suck ass at standoffs. I did get the trophy for getting the maximum number of kills in one, but in general I prefer to charge in on my horse, do a critical strike/kill, throw some kunai, and not have to mess with a split second move that could leave me with a tiny sliver of health.

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Some of the screenshots I’ve taken


I have been struggling too with standoffs lately, it gets tougher where we are. They fake out a lot and seem faster.

They guys with the spears are the worst.


I finished the game. Very good overall, I’d give it an 8/10. The ending was a little different than I’d expected but in a good way. Very poignant, one of the few genuinely emotional moments it has. I might give it a second playthrough now that I have a good understanding of its systems.

In case anyone is wondering, I refused to kill Lord Shimura. He may be a slave to honor but it’s obvious he loves Jin and is heartbroken by the way things turned out. I had no desire to end him.

Did the same ending, but in a “You don’t deserve an honorable death” way.

I think I am close to the end but trying to finish the map and side missions before I finish the story.

I can no longer rank up and have 100% of all techniques.

EDIT- Finished and Platinumed the game. Loved it.

I killed him because he wouldn’t have hesitated to kill me, and I gave him the death he wanted. It was sad and powerful.

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Do you guys think this game is worthy of a GOTY nomination? I say 100% yes.

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Normally I wouldn’t consider it GOTY contender material but this has been a really weak year so yeah, it should get a nomination.

Anyone got any of their own to add?


One of the best games of the year just got better.


Looks like they ended up giving it the full God of War treatment with NG+. That gives me a reason to go back and play it again, and I’ve got a friend with the game who already wants to play the multiplayer. I’m rather impressed.

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Also this is a cool thing.

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That’s neat. The game already has fast load times so on PS5 it should be practically instant.

Yeah this will be good for someone like my cousin who wanted to play it but not buy a PS4 at the end of its life only for this.