Gforum Gold

Been thinking about this, first as a joke but then a little more seriously. It would be an optional subscription introduced when v3 launches that:

  • Allows you to view previous versions of an edited post
  • Allows you to “stealth edit” your posts without the “Edited by…” line appearing
  • Protect you from permabanning (1-year suspension maximum)
  • Remove the time delay minimum between posts (currently 1 minute)
  • Priority beta access to the various projects in development
  • No advertisements

(As an admin I have all these features already, and I must say it makes for a much nicer posting experience.)

Would probably be something like $5/year, and the feature list would probably grow from here. What say you? Would it be a good option (can’t stress that enough) for you to have?

Bigger rip-off than XBL Gold :disgust;

But I guess having the option for people who want it isn’t bad since you are just adding features and not removing them.

Oh yeah and it won’t have adzzz.

And yeah that was my thinking. At first I was like “Lol Gforum Gold” but then I thought that maybe I could just add features on top. And $5 isn’t so bad…

Well… to be honest, that’s kinda dumb.

But I’d gladly donate money.

Yeah, the other half of my mind is telling me I shouldn’t split the userbase and somesuch…

But I leave it completely up to you guys. I’m almost exactly 50/50 on it myself.

No offense, but you need ALOT more users for this to be even remotely cool.

You should also
-expand the sig and avy limit to gold members
-Allow gold users to change the color of their name to their liking.

And get rid of

  • Protect you from permabanning (1-year suspension maximum)

All rules/punishemnts should apply to everyone.

Also, if you need money, just put ads in. No one really cares about ads I don’t think. How much money do you make off google ads each month currently?

Nah, I wouldn’t let them have different avy/sig/name colors because then the forum would look really schizophrenic.

The ads on the front page? Currently pennies a month (literally), but they’ll be a bit expanded in v3.

It has some nice features but in reality… Is it really worth it? Is the site and future feature development going to be worked on enough to justify paying a fee?

Perhaps you should just look for donations or do what Scourage’s Flying Castle has been doing this weekend for the Red Cross; a gaming marathon.

You’re the only one that has the proper setup for a gaming marathon though, and only for PC. Maybe I could invest in a capture card.

And it would be up to the people who want to buy it whether it’s worth it from them. I’m not saying it’s going to be the new “standard” as you all have had the standard for a while. It’s going to be a bonus, as Chad said something more. Bonus. Extra.

If given enough of a notice… I’d be willing to do it. I probably talk the guys into playing too.