Geoff runs over the corpse of E3.

Looks like a decent line up of publishers.

All hail Pope Dorito I

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I don’t care.

I hope they enjoy making their commercials.

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I’m guessing this is for the May portion hopefully.

e3 should be digital anyways. its not comic con


Looking forward to it.

What’s important here is, will there be booth babes?!

Just download the app and have girls gaming / twerking on your desktop!!!

There are things they can do that can’t be done digital or at least are more annoying to do digital.

For example New hardware demos simply can’t be done digitally.

I think you’re right mostly. I mean ray tracing comes across without the tech to display it locally.

What I meant was for consumers but yeah I guess they could do press invites and its still not like E3 showfloor stuff.

These shows are honestly out moded.

Nintendo has a better format I think and even that isn’t really “necessary”. They want it to be their own little superbowl but the only draw is the hardware or software itself. If people can’t buy overpriced tickets to wait in line for hours or watch cringy broadcast over the net for products they usually won’t see for 6 to 12 months or more. Then what are we doing here?

For every big reveal that is actually interesting to a large audience, there are those Diablo mobile moments, those Aisha Tyler moments, those Kinect moments, those The Last Guardian moments and RIIIIDGE RACER.

Idk, I just don’t have the tolerance for it like I used to. I do want to see cool stuff, but the companies are pretty timid to promise anything because shit changes fast over a year. Games get cancelled, what’s cool when they plan the event is nothing more than a cringe meme by the time they perform it etc.

Technically no. I’m wondering if Microsoft/Sony are going to ape Treehouse live. Microsoft hasn’t announced it so it seems like they won’t.

Not every game comes out a winner.

You’re right not all do come out winners.

But these companies are risk averse. Show madden, show assassin’s creed, show stuff that’s safe. Thing’s we largely have an idea of or will see a ton before during and after.

New, new stuff. Like last guardian are a big risk and that failure happened because they gambled on something that looked genuinely interesting but would have been just another unseen and unknown cancelled game.

That’s exactly what I don’t want them to do. Its going to happen but its the most boring part in my opinion.

I’m not against sequels but yearly sequels are the most boring part of any showcase.

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its not like us normies can go to e3 and see ray tracing and 4k graphics with 70fps

What is this? A sale? A daily event? A new console?

Calling something a “fest” while being virtual is misleading.

I also have zero interest in any games from those publishers, barring maybe Bethesda (though with each day I grow more doubtful GhostWire Tokyo even exists…)

Where’s Capcom? Where’s Nintendo?

Capcom is busy swimming in the pools of money they’re making from the REmakes and Nintendo is off being the weird kid who does his own thing, as per usual.

As for me, I’m quite eager to see what Sony’s first party studios are bringing for the PS5. The next Horizon and the next God of War in particular are at the top of my list. Microsoft is a wildcard, I’m curious to see if they’ve learned from their screwups this gen and get things back on track. As for Bethesda and Blizzard, they’re a joke and I really hope people stop buying their garbage.

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To be honest we aren’t even sure how being a part of this benefits game makers.

Yeah but what about things like Giantbomb Nite at E3 that defintely won’t be as convenient.

So he finally has this up and has new info there is a reveal on the 12th.