General Team Fortress 2 Thread

There’s like 3 TF2 threads on the first page(ALL BY SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T PLAY IT ON THE PC :neutral_face:) so i thought there might as well be just a general thread for all types of discussion of it(updates, tactics, class discussion, etc.)
so yeah, this is that thread…so how about people’s favorite classes?
I like medic scoot and spy :3

I prefer play Scout, Spy, and Demoman… but due to team incompetence, I play the Engie the most.

I haven’t played in such a long time, at one point I was pretty good, but now I suck. I mostly play Heavy, Engie, Pyro, or Demoman. I don’t sticky spam, just lob grenades everywhere. I use to play Medic too, but I seem to have lost my touch as the medic.

New update should get me to play for a little while, and since my summer break just started, I could play TF2 all summer.

360 TF2 = Sad Final.


I play whatever my team needs no real main class but at the moment my stats show that my spy is best with 11 backstabs in one life.

Spy Soldier and Scout are fun.

Medic if my team needs one.

I play on and off here and there…Assuming that since everyone will be playing Team Fortress 2 because of the update, I’ll probably be playing it more.

I don’t really have a class I’m good at, but I do okay with the Engineer (if defending), the Heavy, or the Spy. I want to get better with the Sniper though.

I’m just curious as to how it would play with my new mouse:

it’s random, even when spectacting, shit sucks :
also it’s only 10 bucks on steam so if you dont have it buy it now

I have the new Spy watch and the Flare Gun so far.

I got the ambassador by idling in a server for about an hour and a half while i took a nap
stupid method to unlock weapons is stupid

[quote=“Axel”]I got the ambassador by idling in a server for about an hour and a half while i took a nap
stupid method to unlock weapons is stupid[/quote]

I like this method a lot more then before. That’s just me though. I plan to play the game a bunch, and I’ll get the new stuff soon enough.

I’d like it more if they did a better job with it, like some people play for hours and don’t get any drops, while others come in and in 5 minutes get a new spy/sniper weapon. They need to make the drop rate better or something

Now that, I’ll give to you. I think after a certain amount of play time the game should just give you a item.

If I wasn’t reading comics, and playing guitar, id play TF2 right now…

So I got the Bow its pretty damn cool but I’d rather have the cloak and knife

Last night while playing i got the Dead Ringer and Jarate
Dead Ringer’s awesome, but takes getting used to. Instead of cloaking, you have 8 seconds of cloak the moment you get hit with any weapon(unless it’s a backstab or headshot that’ll kill you, and only if you have it pulled out) It’s hard to use but it’s pretty awesome, and it’s fun watching someone who’s god tier at spy use it
Jarate’s a fucking jar of piss, so it’s obviously made of win, and it’s actually useful for helping with assists and whatnot
While idling in my sleep last night (:3) I got 2 more jarate’s, a sandvich, and the cloak and dagger

I got the Huntsman last night. I never got around to trying it. I’m gonna go try right now.

EDIT: I got the Force-a-Nature, the Backburner, and the Axtinguisher…

And the Huntsman is awesome.

I Idled for 4 hours last night and didn’t get shit :confused:

I’ve played for 10 hours already since the update, nothing has dropped for me yet.

This is fuckin’ bullshit that’s what it is.

Got the Sandman, now. And I love it.

Idled for another 2 hours got jack shit. Fuck Valve so much.