Gaming Salez and Dealz

Well damn, looks like I’m finally getting FighterZ.

They’re not announcing a sequel soon are they? :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a similar email today for Tales of Vesperia dropping to $15 for a couple of weeks.

In more general recommendations, Wario64 is a great follow on Twitter if you’re interested in being regularly notified of deals from many different sources.

He’s a good resource but too much of a firehose, and I’m not on Twitter…

Hmm maybe you can post the better ones from his feed here @Mallys. :stuck_out_tongue:


Even got Suda wanting to meet him.

He’ll have to get in line. image

Lol holy shit this was 8.5 years ago

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But you look the same… and you like Buffy way too much…

Imma need you to eat this garlic :confused:

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Idk if they are announcing a sequel but characters are still coming out. Master Roshi just released or is about to.

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Pay no attention to the camera blinding out my eyes like shiny diamonds :shhh:

Good to know. I hear the DLC has a Goku meme issue lol.

Wait let’s examine this for a second

My first point: that’s not possible

My second point: I have no second point


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Yes every form of Goku is a different character.

Lol I didn’t mean it as a negative just that I now think you might have some crosses under your bed and vampire slayers might be your kink :stuck_out_tongue: