Gaming Arcadia


Gaming Arcadia

Rob, Paul, Sal, and I have decided to collaborate together to create one streaming channel over four individual channels. We hope to get a steady schedule going with something being streamed often in order to help build and hold interest. Now with four people being involved, you can expected a wider range of genres and games to be streamed.

We will be doing live commentary was well during each stream. Both about the game and just whatever we feel like talking about. So come watch us and join our Twitter page for quick and easy reminders of what we’ll be doing.



Rob is about to stream Curse of Monkey Island within the next ten minutes.

Why wouldn’t I just play the actual game?

Have you never been a little kid sitting on the couch at your aunt and uncle’s house watching your cousin play fighting games while you commentate, using a candle as a microphone?

Kind of a generic name but sounds like a cool idea. What will happen to WZ though?

It’s still around for personal usage but I plan on using Gaming Arcadia more from now on.

I’m gonna be streaming some Serious Sam ON SERIOUS MODE for a little but if anyone wants to watch.



I’m about to stream Golden Sun for the GBA in about ten minutes or so.

I’m going to start playing ME2 at about 11

Guys, he’s going to stream mass effect 2, start watching faggots

Sal’s streaming more mass effect 2 guys


I’m not watching it because I don’t want to be spoiled.

He kinda just started, not much spoiled unless you wanna have the entire game kept new, then i understand that perfectly

Don’t post if you don’t care instead of being a faggot

Don’t post if you don’t care instead of being a faggot[/quote]

Well you got your twitter feed right?

So now, if people want to know about it, they go there.

I’m not saying its “Spam” or anything, just… well yeah spam.

No one is forcing you to check this thread and by posting in it you are only helping the “spam”.

Yeah I don’t know why I’m hiding it, I’m just being a douche :evil;