Gamestop goes price slashing crazy. Tons of games now $20 including Bionic Commando!!*u%2FfBatA


Search. Just choose your platform and price and it should pull everything up

I just picked up my copy of Bionic Commando. Everyone should buy this game b/c it’s awesome [SPOILER] and Ben Judd’s ass is on the line. And he can’t buy fancy hookers and condoms if he’s out of a job!!![/SPOILER]

bionic commando sucked lol
so far nothing of real interest, lookin through stuff though

I know. I saw this. This will be the perfect time to get some games that I have always wanted, like Chrono Trigger for the DS.

Damn I had the chance to buy Brothers In Arms again! At least I got Battlefield 1943!

I liked Bionic Commandos online gameplay I thought it was fun might pick this up now that is 20 bucks

I’m considering getting Spore. I would get Warhammer Online too if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve got people to play WoW with.

Bionic Commando RULES!

On the NES and Gameboy.