Games in Limbo....

So, do you have games sitting there right now in your collection, left in Limbo? Did you run out of time to beat them, get bored, or just get something more interesting? (games you are slowly playing through don’t count, like RE5 and SMG for me, both being played co-op at a snail’s pace)

My Limbo List:
Blue Dragon (set it aside for a bit at the end of disc one)
Fallout 3 (Got Broken Steel DLC, now need to get back to playing it)
Fable 2 (see above DLC comment)
Folklore (got into other games, didn’t want to keep playing without full attention to this game)
LBP (story mode’s beat, need to finish the tutorials and make lvls)
KOTOR II (prolly will never finish it, because I know I’ll be disappointed)
Morrowind (technically I beat it using console cheats, but I wanna do it right)

Yeah, you really don’t want to finish KOTOR 2. Just quit after you fight Nihilus on the Ravager. It’s basically a freefall from there.

Red Steel
Sonic Unleashed
Star Wars: Force Unleashed
Pokemon Battle Revolution
Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

… just off the top of my head.

PGR4 atm.

Tales of Legendia
Final Fantasy IV
Half-Life 2 Episodes 1 and 2

But, I’ve actually been playing the first two lately. I think I’ll have FFIV done by Sunday.