Gamer Fuel, now with 100% less Halo (and 100% more Wow)

I have a 12 pack of each (cans) and I’ll let ya know how it is (unless you beat me to it of course)

Oh, got it at Target (not even a Super Target) Pepsi products currently 4 for $11

Still 100% Shit taste, I take it?


[quote=“nothere413”]Still 100% Shit taste, I take it?


The Halo gamer Fuel was actually my favorite flavor of MTD (outside of Baja Blast)

Does the orange one taste like the Halo one because that’s also my favorite Dew.

Baja Blast and Livewire are my favorites.

Vault > Dew

I just wish Baja Blast was avalible outside of Taco Bell.

I agree with the regular stuff. Something about the taste or carbonation of Vault just makes it much more drinkable than MTD.

It’s identical to the Halo Dew. :slight_smile:

The blue one is pretty good too.

I think it’s because it’s Lemon-Lime. As I explain to the curious, Vault is the flavor of Sprite with the sweetness of Mountain Dew- IMO the best qualities of each.

Maybe not exactly, but that’s how I explain it.

I do remember loving Livewire for quite a while, though.

I would try them if they made a diet version. I just cant stand the corn syrup/sugar combo in most sodas. >_>

The Red Vault is really good. Anyone try that?

Yup. For some reason it doesn’t seem as sweet as it should be to me, though it’s kinda been a while.

[quote=“djl33”]It’s identical to the Halo Dew. :slight_smile:

The blue one is pretty good too.[/quote]

Um, no, It’s closer to say the Halo 3 Game Fuel was Livewire + Code Red. Dunno bout the new one yet, I’ll know by tonight I’m having it for lunch.

The stuff still taste like shit.

Ok, so I had the Horde flavor, it is Halo 3 Game Fuel.

I guess Im drinking the Alliance one cause Halo 3 gamer fuel tasted like a giant can of ass!

How often do you drink a…you know what, I don’t want to know.


Mountain Dew as a whole is horrid.

Oh, come now. Everyone has at least one flavor that they like…