G4 Pong

So, that G4 page that has pong on it currently? Once you “beat” pong, you get a chance to enter an email, and I thought… oh what the hell… and I got a mail…

Congrats titan(s) of gaming!

As promised, this is Phil, your friendly neighborhood Marketing Intern for G4. If you’re receiving this message it’s because you willingly gave a strange website your email address. I’m not sure what that says about G4 fans but I for one applaud your trust in people you’ve never met…and your skills at Pong!

I’ll get right to it, this Friday, 12PM PST, we’re hosting our very first AMA over on the G4 subreddit - Reddit.com/r/g4tv. I’m so excited because my third favorite former G4 host and current VP of Content Partnerships and Brand Development, Blair Herter, will be answering your questions!

Thank you for being a part of this exciting new project. I promise this is not the first of precisely 997 emails lined up for your inbox.

PS - Almost forgot! Please reply to this email with your t-shirt size.

Did this the first day G4 was announced. Still not sure why the T-shirt size was needed.