G4 finally did it

They finally releaunched, or whatever this big “shake up” thing they’ve been hinting at is. The site’s real buggy atm, so I can’t provide alot of info outside of the fact they’ve got a skin for each console, and looks to be stylizing the site more along the lines of, hm, an “IGNish” site.


Shit is slow for me.

That’s cool.

Too bad I won’t see or use any of that since I just have the X-Play forums bookmarked and only go there minus watching Sessler’s Soapbox. >_>

[quote=“Kumiko”]That’s cool.

Too bad I won’t see or use any of that since I just watch Sessler’s Soapbox. >_>[/quote]

Fixed for me.

Its no longer bookmarked for me.



I’ll only go for the things Andrew Pfister’s writes. >_>

You had BOTH gaming and tech “right” about five years ago G4, re-doing your website because you want to maximize profit isn’t an acceptable consolation.

All they did is what IGN did 5 years ago.

Way to go G4!

S***s working and has a clean and organized design.

Anyhow… I think we can agree that the forums suck no less after this “site transformation”.

hehe, forums won’t change, but the site revamp is kinda cool, very ignish.

you’re a faggot if you ever once had the g4 forums bookmarked

Low blow. :frowning:

oh fuck you, man… fuck you.

this is how true homies get to the forums


I’m sure all seven of their remaining users will be impressed.