Nostalgia ftwwwwwwwwwww

Want to know a secret? I’ve known about that for around 2 months now. Have a friend working on the new version of the show… which is actually just the 1993 version of the show, only prettier.

Okay… This isn’t considered common knowledge yet… but the show is going to be a re-mastered version of the first 32 episodes from the original season of the show. They’re going to go back in and clean up the footage and enhance the special effects of the show. But don’t expect it to be in HD. At least, it’s not being constructed in HD the last I knew.

Outside of that, the ongoing Power Rangers shows are dead. :frowning:

Well I’m not surprised they aren’t adapting Shinkenger to the US since the characters are samurai and Disney seems to have a fear to keep japanese things in a japanese show <_<

Well, you see, Power Rangers was supposed to end last season originally. But due to a contract clause they had with other companies, Disney HAD to bring it back. That’s why the people in charge the previous 4 seasons aren’t around this season, because their contracts expired at the end of last season. And that’s why it’s airing only on ABCKids and not Disney XD, because they never had any intention of continuing to support the series.

Thus, Power Rangers RPM was created with a new guy in charge and completely unrelated to the previous shows (which is why most of the world is obliterated in the show). The show was an afterthought, and the new guy realized he could do whatever he wanted to with the show, because it was getting canned anyway… much like Judd Lynn did with Power Rangers in Space when Fox was going to can the series the season after Turbo.

Disney then ended up firing the guy in charge a little over 1/2 way through the season, supposedly for falling behind in production, and brought back Judd Lynn, who hadn’t directly been involved in the show since Time Force, but ghost wrote an episode of Mystic Force during the writer’s strike in 2008.

Once RPM ends in another 4 episodes, that will be it for the show. And if you don’t count the “Behind The Scenes” episode from a few weeks ago, the show is going to end on episode 700. Not bad for a 17-year old series. But it’s cheaper to just update the old show at this point, than it is to film an all new series. So, that’s the end of that.

Oh my.

Bandai seems intent on saying that it is not ending >.>