FUCK YEAH Mokoto confirmed for Super Street Fighter 4

Also dudley and ibuki

This isn’t the Major. :frown;

So now people can fight…

…like gentlemen.

Guess there’s just one character left.

Its makoto fuck you.:frown;

[quote=“GillianSeed”]Also dudley and ibuki

These characters should have already been in street fighter 4 most of the characters they are “adding” should have already been there.

More major than some post-op tranny with green boobs. >_>

Though I suppose they’re saving her for the eventual Production I.G. vs. Capcom.

To me feels like Capcom is saving characters for more iterations of Street Fighter 4 and Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. Also if there was a production I.G. Vs capcom it would be cool the problem I have with Tatusnoko Vs. Capcom right now is it feels like they are ripping us on content oh well apparently they have plans on a sequel anyways or DLC or some crap like that. After a while I’m seeing capcom’s tatics on their popular fighting game franchises which is to rip us on content then produce another version of halfway decent content and make us pay twice. I’m kind of glad I didn’t have a 360 when street Fighter 4 was out because as much as I love the series they keep pulling this shit where they make a version then make another one a year later with stuff the first one should have had. I’m sure the Japanese feel burned on Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom because I feel like even the updated version has a poor amount of content. All I know is Capcom is telling me to wait for the Super Version of street fighter 5 by pulling this shit over again and again.

Developers have seemingly been doing this more recently but I feel like they are ripping out more and more content from their games. It kind of pisses me off because I’d rather them do the opposite.

Fuck Yea.jpg


You know not everyone is like activision every company isn’t money hungry and evil.:stuck_out_tongue: Capcom just put out the first part of the new RE5 content(which btw is RE1 fan service) for 400 ms points for an hour to two hour single player level plus two new merc characters they could have charged 800 for it like everyone else. As far as super this isn’t just slapping 8 characters into the game they took the time to change enough gameplay wise the new ultras alone should change the way people play the game. Not every bit of dlc is just held off content for them to make money.