Simple idea, post games as you beat them, and your thoughts.

(use spoiler tags for spoilers please)

I just beat Super Mario Galaxy

It was kinda underwhelming, but I did take a LONG time to play it, and just realizing I had only about half the stars when I beat it didn’t help. The last stage was nuts, not the fight, but the getting up to it.

I beat Fallout 3 not to long ago. Talk about one of the worst endings in a game.

Fable II, sad choices are sad. :frowning:

I beat Super Mario RPG and the original Metal Gear Solid.

Super Mario RPG is fine, but I prefer the Paper Mario series.

Also, I don’t think it matters which one you get, the original, or The Twin Snakes.

Just beat Resistance the other day. I really really liked it. The multiplayer is the definition of “meh”, though.

Now I just beat Mega Man 2.

Water makes any equipment malfunction, eh?