From the mastermind that executive produced Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen...

Comes… HALO?

Steven Spielberg to Produce Halo Movie?
Source: IESB August 8, 2009

IESB has posted an interesting scoop saying that Steven Spielberg is in talks to produce Halo: The Fall of Reach, screenwriter Stuart Beattie’s adaptation of the Eric Nylund novel that is based on the series of video games. Here’s an excerpt from their article:

IESB has learned exclusively (believe me this is solid and I’ve confirmed it three times over with studio executives and our close ties to CAA) that one of the biggest producers in Hollywood history is currently in active negotiations to develop the feature film adaptation and no it’s not Jerry Bruckheimer or Peter Jackson. It’s the man behind Jaws, E.T., Indiana Jones and Transformers, Mr. Steven Spielberg.

Spielberg is blown away by writer Stuart Beattie’s take on the game in his script entitled HALO THE FALL OF REACH. This coupled with the fact that his Dreamworks umbrella is looking for a big tent pole to help launch their newly independant studio with distribution over at Walt Disney Pictures after losing Transformers to Paramount in the separation, it’s the perfect combination.

For more on this, head here! 20th Century Fox and Universal’s previous attempt at bringing the game to the big screen fell apart. District 9 producer Peter Jackson and director Neill Blomkamp were attached to that version.


By this point I’m so sick of hearing about movie versions of Halo the concept has lost its allure for me.

Halo invented Steven Spielberg

Inb4 Gamer rage because of Transformers 2 and Halo in the same thread title.

At least they’re doing to adapt one of the good novels and not the games.

Directed by Michael Bay and stars Shia Labouf…

[SPOILER]i love pissing people off[/SPOILER]

[quote=“StealthMaster86”]Directed by Michael Bay and stars Shia Labouf…

[SPOILER]i love pissing people off[/SPOILER][/quote]

Shia as Master Chief… :lol

Hey, at least then you wouldn’t be able to see him.

I keep imagining Master Chief with the personality of Louis Stevens, though…


Megan Fox as Cortana.

I had a dream a few days ago where she was my girlfriend and it was our two-year anniversary of dating. :lol I wasn’t even attracted to her before, but I think my body’s telling my something.