From the ashes of Sadness comes the rebirth of the Lunar Eclipse

Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

In English.

No homebrew or hacking needed.

Just buy (the game), download (the patch), and play.


Buying the game becomes the problem.

$70 to import?

Fuck that.

What is Sadness?

[quote=“Kumiko”]Buying the game becomes the problem.

$70 to import?

Fuck that.[/quote]
Nice to show your support. >> Good to know that all you whining wasn’t worth $20 extra. <<

I’ll probably get it at some point because I do want it.


Yes you can. In fact hacking the Wii is dreadfully simple. Just load some files on the SD card, enter a certain menu screen, and bam, job done.

In fact that’s how I’m playing Balanced Brawl, a SSBB hack that doesn’t require anything except having the files on your SD card and going into the level editor to load it.

The beauty of Balanced Brawl and this translation patch is that once you pop the SD card out, your Wii is still 100% unmodified. It’s become very transparent.

Ohh wow I’m totally gonna buy a Wii now when it’s cheaper. I even have 2 old 60GB hard drives laying around that I can convert to external ones with an enclosure.

Plan to but I need to beat 3 first figure I don’t wanna spend the money on something I won’t beat.

Please don’t pirate the shit out of anything. >_>

I was planning to pirate your butt…

but since you said please

zips back up

puts down chloroform


I’m serious.