Fragile (Wii) TGS Trailer


Looking real nice. :Q Great atmosphere.

I originally thought this game was supposed to be scarier…

No. It’s not supposed to be a survival-horror. It’s supposed to be an ARPG with an emphasis on a creepy atmosphere.

And I loves it. :heart;

K. Maybe I’ll check it out once I get a Wii. Which seems like quite a ways off.

I’m stealing your Wii Andrew. You’ll get it back when I beat this game D=

Do want!

I wanna see some gameplay.

My Wii won’t play JP games. I think XSEED announced they were bringing this over, but I’m not entirely sure…

Any new news on this? I realllllly wanted to get this one.

As far as I know, Namco JP has it in its clutches and won’t let it through its fingers to other regions. D:

what is this game supposed to be? It just looks like a 3D anime…is there fighting? or what?

Fragile is an atmospheric discovery game where you play as Seto, a young boy, alone in France after the apparent end of the world. With the Wii remote acting as your flashlight, you go to different ruined settings to read runes on the walls. Along the way you may encounter spirit-ish creatures where you have to engage in melee combat similar to Silent Hill. The story then branches out from there.

Oh why can’t Wii have nice things? Japan gets nice things. Why can’t Wii?

so its like silent hill but anime style and not scary?? I dont mean to be a downer but that doesnt seem fun at all.

The art style in the 3d sections reminds me alot of KH.

Well as I was telling you, some people like to play games for the story.

yeah but in my case if I wanted a good story I would read a book. I play a game cause it should be fun or challenging. Now if this game has Zelda like or even harder puzzles then it sounds fun. I just want a lil more stimulation from a game other than a good story.