First trailer for Red Steel 2!!!!! God only knows what UP did to get it. D=






Pretty cool stuff. Looks like you can take out your gun or sword at anytime pretty sweet with Wiimotion plus.

Wow looks good, really good. Am I the only one who hates how they show the people playing the game.

If the Wiimotion plus is as accurate as they are making it out to be it actually makes sense.

Never played the first one so I dont know how the controls are but I’m sure the are going to be greatly improved now.

I’m talking about this time with Wiimotion plus. The previous controls don’t have to do with the new game so for the new game I think the commerical is appropriate assuming he’s actually doing that stuff or at the very least its possible to do that stuff.

Can we slide back all cool like?

Yeah thats exaggerated but if you can block in the game by using the wiimotion plus I’ll be happy plus slash where you want to will be great.

Yeah the game looks promising so I might get it. God knows I need to play games other than SSBB and Mario Kart on my Wii.

Looking good, but I still think The Conduit will be better.

Conduit looks so old school FPS. But it might be a good thing who knows.

Hot damn. Of course, Ubi does like to embellish things sometimes…

I don’t like how he was holding the Wiimote “gangstou style” but the gun wasn’t the same. :sad; Graphics looked nice though. :up;

I’m interested.:Q