Final Fantasy VII Remake

First impressions is this game is stunning. You can try to watch these supposed 4K trailers on YouTube but it’s something else entirely to see it running.

Character design-wise they all look amazing but Barret looks like Square Enix dipped him in The Bouncer sauce + injected some gamma radiation. He was always huge but it took me some getting used to.

I’ve played the demo 3 times now and tried out every mode:

First played on Normal which i think in hindsight is not a good idea because the combat and the camera take some getting used to and can be disorienting as well as a bit overwhelming, especially during the sentinel boss fight. Almost ran out of potions, that’s how challenging it was for me at first. I think once you’re acclamated with the battle system Normal is not difficult at all.

Found myself enjoying Easy more having gone through Normal. And Easy is easy, think i only used potions once on Cloud and Barret.

Classic mode wasn’t fun. It basically takes control of your characters allowing you to focus only on spells and abilities. It’s certainly there for people who may not be that good at video games (or just want an easier time) but It’s not for me. Plus, the name Classic mode implies being close to the turn base combat in the original and it’s not. Also, you can still control your characters and issue movement, blocks, attacks and dodges. It’s just that Cloud does it automatically if you’re not pressing anything.

I find myself issuing commands rather than mapping certain spells and abilities to execute them easier. Maybe it’s something i need more time with or maybe i just prefer the traditional RPG style.

All in all, i can’t wait. I plan on playing the demo once more on Normal having a better understanding of the combat system.


I originally was NOT going to play it but I gave in and it is wonderful. Graphics are so great. It is cool when the enemies die you can see them entering the lifestream basically.

Thanks for the breakdown. I haven’t tried it on anything but Normal. Mike Damiani from Easy Allies is crazy, played it like 4 hours or more on stream LOL

Makes me want to watch Advent Children again.

I know i come back i leave. I come back i leave. lol

While i did notice enemies vanishing when you kill them, i hadn’t thought about it as entering the lifestream. That’s a very cool touch to point out.

I said i would i tried Normal again and while it was easier and i did take advantage of mapping certain abilities, it’s still no walk in the park. You will die if you’re not careful, especially once again with the sentinel boss fight and those arm claw soldiers. I think the biggest hurdle is the targeting since even if you lock on to an enemy you can just as easily lock on to another by moving the right analog stick and failing your attack.

Seems like it’s gonna be quite the learning curve.

As for Damiani, did he played the demo 4 times in a row?

Was watching Maximilian Dood on YouTube tinkering with the menu settings and noticed you can change the lock on controls. Now, i don’t know for sure if it can be switched to the D-pad since i didn’t see him change it but it did have “right stick” as the lock on button. But, if i’m able to switch it to the D-pad then this it’s definitely a game changer for me.

Damiani played with Huber before RE4 then on his own 21/2 hours lol

Just saw this Brad video was added. They are covering it a lot.

Barrett’s still my favorite. If only his standard did more damage

Wait, is the demo publicly available?

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Has been for a couple of days now.

I’m behind the times. I’ll have to check it out. The gameplay has always been the part that I’ve been iffy on.

Blew my mind that Briana from StrangeRebelGaming Youtube Channel is doing the voice of Aeris/Aerith. WTF lol

Internet celebs have been voicing game characters for a while now. It’s pretty funny.

Liked the demo for the most part. Knowing what happens etc, idk if i can warrant the sticker price for entry let along the 80 dollar special digital edition.

I feel like I could easily wait for a deep sale in a year or two.

Do you think the amount of work they did equals them releasing it in multiple $60 parts or is it a bullshit way to make money? I’m just curious of your thoughts on that. Like if the value is there for the work they did.

hmm, that’s a good question.

From the Demo I don’t feel episodically it’s worth 60 to 80 bucks. I haven’t played the first full “episode” so it’s tough to say as I don’t know the exact cutoff. But the game feels older than perhaps it should. But that makes sense to a certain extent, since it’s a rehash of a very old game.

But there in lies the problem, a demo should really inspire the output of cash to get the whole experience. I don’t have a youth tied to the veneration of this title so for me it’s largely a singular experience. Those reacting in heavy enthusiasm and excitement are typically people that are bolstered by nostalgia and a fresh look for something they really favor.

I think that’s what leads me to feel this is more on the money grab side of things as opposed to being worth every penny.

But to temper that, I think the work they did on this project is heavy and likely soaked a ton of money and for them to do episodic and charge such a high sticker price is probably one thing that kept it out of or pulled it from development hell. Since I honestly think the market for this game is not as large as people may think.

Taking a team and having them set aside resources and time to remake a game everyone who is interested in has largely played and / or owns at this point. While not working on a new title that could be the next big hit. It’s risky and I’m sure they’re looking to price high to mitigate that risk and knowing they could always reduce the price later on.


I think it isn’t worth the cash unless you’re really in love with FF:VII. I think it’s a cash grab but not for nefarious reasons. The fan base will be pleased, everyone else I think will stop and glance before moving on.

I’ve been subscribed to her ever since i saw her playthrough of The Last of Us. So, I’ve known for quite a while. It was a bit of a shock though since during her let’s plays she would sometimes mention her being a working actress but never gave the impression she dabbled in voice work. Great for her though. Btw, did you know Tyler Hoechlin (CW’s Superman) is the voice of Sephiroth?

Not that this changes anything about your statement but sometimes it pays to pay attention to deals on Amazon because the special edition at one point got a $24.99 discount bringing it down to $55.99. The regular version even went down to $43 something IIRC. This is no longer the case though. But, if you’re interested follow Wario64 on Twitter and turn on tweet notification for him. He tweets so many deals you’ll think he’s not human.

If this games ends up being another The Order: 1886 in terms of just flashy visuals and not enough content then it’ll be bullshit for sure. But, if i can get 40+ hours (what i’m hearing) or more out of it i’d say is justified given the scope they’re going for.

Finally got around to playing it. It’s very pretty, but it doesn’t really feel like FFVII. The combat is perfectly competent and it’s nice to be able to explore areas in a more standard third person view, but that’s about it. The scorpion sentinel fight was very very different but still fun and just a bit challenging. I’d have been perfectly content to play the traditional turn-based style though. I liked it when I played it back in the 90s, I liked it when I replayed it on PC four or five years ago, and I’d have liked it just fine in the present.

What surprised me is the degree to which the music takes a backseat. The remixed and updated tracks just don’t stand out like they did in the original or the Advent Children movie, and that to me is the biggest disappointment and probably the biggest reason why I didn’t feel much nostalgia playing it. My memories of FFVII are very much bound up in its music. It’s one of the greatest OSTs in the history of gaming.

Whether or not I get it at launch will depend on how many hours of content it has. The Midgar section of the game in the original is maybe 1/3 of the total story, so it is pretty long since the game in total is around 60-70 hours if you don’t do all the optional stuff. I’m curious to see what kind of structural changes it’ll have and what new things they’ll pad it out with.

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The music has certainly been a little subdued but from what i hear It’s on purpose. It crescendos in certain moments to give it more oomph.

I personally loved this though.

Oh well i’ve waited two decades for this remake. I think i can wait a little longer.

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Yeah I don’t care at all. Animal Crossing and RE3 will exist then lol