Everything you know is a lie

Now who else will we turn to for Pac-Man scores, patriotic ties and hot sauce? :thinking:

Sucks they banned him, I was hoping he would be crazy enough to try and beat his score all over again… on real hardware and maybe live stream it on Twitch or something.


He was a bully and a cheat and nothing of value was lost. shrugs

as long as he used save states between levels and not between instances of death, I dont see the problem.

The rules for Twin Galaxies says that you HAVE to use original hardware. Even if he really didn’t cheat, he still broke the rule.

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Da fuq?

If he said he was on original hardware but was on MAME then that’s really shady.

He’s always been for me, someone people made fun of. Never really followed him and always heard he was a prick.

I’ll shed no tears here.

He actually did it. Lol

Can’t really hate the man, well can’t hate his skills in DK, he’s definitely talented.


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Round 2… FIGHT!

There’s not enough hot sauce in this town for the both of them.


“Oh everybody knooooooows, the good guys lost!” doesn’t the song go on the documentary? lol

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