ESRB spoils Heavy Rain

Kumiko better stay away from the info.

It spoils alot of what happens.

I guess its better to have the ESRB know this info than have the game banned or something.

WOW I can’t believe aliens planned the whole thing!!!

There might not be a sequel either

url= David Cage doesn’t want sequel.[/url]

Ohhh NVM…thats the first time Ive ever seen the ESRB update a rating. It seriously wasnt like that 2 days ago. It just detailed the nudity and sex scenes.

Either way unless you are ESRB stalkers you’d probably never stumble on that info.

[quote=“sbf717”]No it didnt. I read it last night and it didnt spoil anything that wasnt all ready out there in the media or expected.

Ohh Kotaku WOW I mean fucking WOW they are a bunch of dumbfucks.[/quote]

I don’t know knowing certain things counts as spoilers.

Hey, as long as no one says it’s a spoiler to say that there’s boobs in the game (yes I’ve seen them) because in that case, they need to go outside for a while. The outside world has much nicer graphics.

There’s at least one thing in the ESRB listing that I’d call a spoiler.

[SPOILER]The most intense instance of violence occurs during a “lizard trial” sequence in which players’ character, Ethan, is forced to cut off a segment of his own finger to save his son’s life: Several instruments (saw, scissors, knife, etc.) can be used to remove the finger.[/SPOILER]

Yes, that would be a spoiler I’d care about.

Yeah I know something like nudity doesn’t count as a spoiler. Too bad we are the ones who know about it and not parents.

I hope to God no one lets their child play Heavy Rain. There are things in the game that are very disturbing (beyond violence) and so I hope it doesn’t get into the hands of some 12 year old.

Well the ESRB has no choice but to rate it M hopefully parents pay attention. In terms of the other stuff just the sexual content should keep it from younger generation but as people have shown they don’t play games that are age appropriate at all. I played Mortal Kombat before I was 18 and I’m sure that cycle will continue whether we want to believe it or not.

I guess I always assumed it would be M.

And I have to agree with you. Look at 12 year olds today. They’re more worldly than baby boomers.

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