Enemy Territory: Quake Wars [PS3/360] Yay, Nay, or Gay???

So I guess I like others got kinda lukewarm on Quake Wars when it came to consoles. But I decided to finally download the demo last night and it kinda grabbed at me.

It felt so much like the scale of Warhawk, the classes of TF2, the perk/ranking system of CoD 4, bots like UT, all put together with the objective progression like Assualt mode in UT classic.

It seemed decent in the demo but I was just wondering if anyone else played it on consoles??? Is it worth $20???

Downloading the demo today just because you said this.

I rented it shortly after it came out. It was a “so-so” game to say the least. The gameplay was solid enough to make it enjoyable and not frustrating. From what I remember (since it’s been so long since I played it), everything felt pretty balanced.

The only problem I had with it was its lack to keep my interest. The class system is kinda cool and works fairly well with the multiplayer but with the single player, it was disappointing. You didn’t really have much freedom with the classes in the single player which sucked when you were forced to play a class you weren’t really good at. (I don’t believe there was co-op. So you had to play whatever the game told you.)

The missions also got quite tedious. Basically every mission was the same which involved getting from point A to point B without dying and then either building something or destroying something of the enemies before doing it all over again. I believe there were like 3 or 4 campaigns, all of which were basically the same. Though you could play the “evil” side but all that basically did was turn the game into a FPS since the RTS concept didn’t apply to their campaign mode.

It was one of those games that I had fun with for the afternoon when I was bored, but after finishing a whole campaign and realizing that the game didn’t have much else to offer, I took it back. I haven’t had the desire to play it again since then either. I guess if you’re looking for a cheap time killer, it’s good for that.

Sure if there is enough player count. Or just go get Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for free on PC.

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