Ed Norton to return as The Hulk ???

In the Avengers movie if it happens, anyway.

Norton To Return As The Hulk For Avengers Movie?

Edward Norton has sparked rumours he will reprise his role as The Hulk for The Avengers movie by refusing to confirm or deny his involvement in the upcoming film.

The actor turned green to portray the Marvel comic superhero in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, and he’s prompted reports he’ll be joining The Avengers’ all-star line-up by joining Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man), Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) and Don Cheadle (Colonel James Rhodes).

Asked whether he’ll feature in the action movie, Norton said, “I probably won’t comment on that just because they (producers) keep a pretty tight rein on what they are letting out.”[/i]

It would be great to see him return. Even greater if they did another Incredible Hulk movie. Some of you might recall that he was Bruce Banner is the newer movie that was unrelated to the 2003 debacle, but “apparently” had a falling out with Marvel due to them originally giving him more creative control over the finished version of the movie, and then editing out a bunch of the character scenes he had re-written for it.

Hopefully, all works out in the end.

The more recent Hulk film had better human acting but the Hulk himself was lame. 03 Hulk captured the rage better and actually had the Hulk leaping over landscapes, and surviving a fall from the stratosphere. It was awesome.

But anyway about the Bruce himself; Norton played him well-- really well and I’m sure he and Downey could have some awesome dialogue in the Avengers flick. But whats still on my mind is: Who’s gonna plat Capt?

I didn’t care for the Hulk from the 2003 Hulk, honestly. The Hulk in that movie looked disproportioned and why was he a bright green? As for expressing the anger and rage… eh. I think they both were animated well enough to display emotion.

As far as leaping over landscapes and whatnot… that’s actually one of my biggest problems with the first movie. There was no dimension to the character of the Hulk in the 2003 movie.

One shot, he’s throwing someone through a wall. Another shot, he’s swinging a tank 10 miles into the air. One shot, he’s jumping from one story to another. The next, he’s leaping across mountains. Even in the movie’s own universe of physics and logic, it makes no sense. In the 2008 movie, they at least tried to make a Hulk that stuck to the parameters of it’s own universe.

Anyway, that’s just me. I bought the Hulk movie for $10 back in 2004 or so. Watched it once. Never got through it a second time, nor had a reason to go back. When his father turns into a giant glob of jello at the end, it pretty much lost me.


Went to see the newer one in theaters last year not expecting much (Norton wasn’t promoting it publicly) and the trailers didn’t really grab me in, but I’m inclined to see pretty much all comic movies a some point. Left the theater surprised and happy.

Yeah, it was good. Norton, Tobey, and Downey know how to play these kind of roles. Bale is the only super hero lead right now that I think is slacking. He’s too stare-into-my-super-serious-facade. No one else in the Batman movies is like that and it makes him seem too 2-D. The others that I mentioned know how to convey genuine emotion in one scene but get a light laugh later on as well.

I really want a legit Avengers movie complete with Thor, Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America, and The Hulk. I really want that.

Granted it’s not the original line up but its got the familiars, the people that movie goers might actually give a shit about.

I’m still curious as to who would play Captain America…

Brad Pitt has the jaw and he’s awesome cuz he was in Babel and also fucked Angelina Jolie so there we go.

Only problem is that Brad Pitt is in his late 40s, and Captain America is SUPPOSED to be in his late 20s (even with all the years of suspended animation).


Billy Bob Thornton also screwed Angelina… plus, she makes out with her brother. So… um… yeah.


Brad looks mid 30s though, so with some Hollywood magic he can totally be late twenties.

Also, do you think Matt Damon is a possible choice?

I’d go with Matt over Brad for sure.

Then it’s settled, let’s make the call. Oh wait we have no power here. Darn.