Duke Nukem Forever - Leaked video, screens, story

Video Here

Screens & Plot Here

With the entire plot being leaked, I’m doubting more and more this will see an “official” release. Maybe in a few years whatever they’ve completed will be leaked to torrent sites, but I doubt this’ll make retail unless some really philanthropic publishers swoops down from the heavens. Shame too, gave me a very Duke 3D (my favorite FPS) feel. :sad;

Listen guys we all are fans but the game would of bombed. Its better this way.

Fuck you
I’m betting on Duke
Real men Always bet on Duke

Depends on the marketing TakeTwo would have done for it. I doubt it would’ve sold less than a million, although that could be seen as a “failure” for an 11-year old game.

Yeah 11 years for average scores and less than stellar sales, Same shit happened to Too Human.

But DNF would have been the perfect sequel to DN3D, and that’s all fans wanted. Silicon Knight’s fans wanted an epic perfect game, and that’s why they were let down. There definitely would be disappointment, but from the vids and screens this game would have lived up to Duke’s legacy.

I dunno…

Someone really better pick this up fuck the plot the game looks fun as hell.

Sup duke nukem always sucked